Changing Tide

Summary:   As their three-day downtime begins, Daniel and Jason settle in for a movie night, but Jack’s visit changes their lives forever.
Note: Quote is from Heart.


What about love
Don’t you want someone to care about you
What about love
Don’t let it slip away
What about love
I only want to share it with you


Daniel couldn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so much.  After dinner, he and Jason had started making fun of the Goa’uld, triggered by Jason mentioning the bad costuming in a movie he’d seen a long time ago.  That had led to comparisons with the bad dress sense with the Goa’uld.  Daniel had been talking about the Goa’uld summit at the space station and as a result, his mood had darkened.  Jason had noticed, so to make him feel better, he’d begun to joke, suggesting that the summit would have gone better if it had been a bad production of a musical.

Making fun of Lord Yu specifically, he’d gotten up and camped his way through a part of the Mikado.  At present, he was swinging his hips with his hands pressed together against one cheek, merrily singing, “Three little maids from school are we…”

On the sofa, Daniel had had enough.  He was at Jason’s mercy now, having fallen over with his arms around his stomach, face in the cushion.  “Stop,” Daniel asked, muscles hurting, as he sat up.  Grabbing his bottle of coke off the end table, he took a sip and chuckled.  “You win.”

Jason relaxed the pose he’d adopted and walked over with a smirk.  He dropped to his knees and placed his hands on Daniel’s thighs.  “It’s wonderful to see you laugh.  Feel better?”

Daniel stared at him, wondering just how much more he could fall in love with this man.  “I do.”

Jason smiled.  “I knew it would work.  It was inevitable once you told me nothing about the Goa’uld could make you laugh.  Never tell me that.  It’s like daring me to do something about it.”

Daniel bit at his lip.  “I can think of better dares.”

“Don’t tease me.”

Daniel heard the challenge in Jason’s tone and threw him a mischievous grin.  “I dare you to kiss Jack the next time you see him.”  At the wide-eyed look on Jason’s face, he clarified the dare.  “Off base.”

Jason let out a laugh and stood up, shaking his head.  “I’m not sure I should take that dare.  There’s no telling what Jack would do.”

Daniel was surprised.  “You think he’d object, after what you told me?”

Jason looked down and plucked at his sweat-damp shirt, the new white Egyptian cotton that Daniel had given him.  “I think I ruined this with all that playin’ around.”  He looked up at Daniel.  “Does sweat stain come easily out of Egyptian cotton?”

“Jason,” Daniel said impatiently.  “Answer the question.”

Jason hadn’t wanted to answer it.  “I don’t know, to be honest.  I’m wondering if he thought it was a mistake.”  He paused.  “Why haven’t you called him?”

“It’s my turn to say I don’t know.  Do you think he’ll say yes?”

“I think he has questions,” Jason said.  “Mine are probably the same as his.”  He sighed and twined his fingers with Daniel’s.  “For example.  What do you mean by a poly relationship?  I get that you want to see us both, but exactly, and I mean exactly, what do you mean?”

Daniel sighed and nodded, then took his time to find the right way to explain.  Just when he started to answer, a knock came at the door.  Jason smirked at him.  “Saved by the door?”

Daniel threw him an argumentative look.  “No, no saving, Jason,” he said as he got up to answer the door.  Upon opening the door, Daniel stared with amazement.  It was Jack, and he stood there holding a large brown paper sack.  “Hey, Jack,” he said quietly.

Jason’s eyes widened and he came over to stand beside Daniel.  “You lost?” he asked.

“Jason,” Daniel said, chidingly, and Jason had the good grace to look apologetic.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist.”  He looked at Jack.  “Well met, your lordship,” he said with a flourishing bow.

“Jason, goddammit,” Daniel frowned.  “What’s the matter with you?”

“I don’t know,” Jason sighed.  “Maybe I just want to kiss him and I’m hiding it really well.”

Daniel’s mouth fell open.  “You got a burr up your ass, or what?”  He looked back at Jack and gave him a wan smile.  “Sorry.”

Jack started to think this was a bad idea, but he couldn’t bring himself to back out of it.  Lifting the sack, he asked, “Have you guys had dinner yet?”

Daniel’s lips twitched with the edge of a smile.  Jack had assumed he wouldn’t be alone.  That was different.  And nice.  “We had pizza earlier, but more is always welcome.”  He stepped aside, inviting Jack in.  “Here, let me have that.  Hang up your jacket and make yourself at home.”

Jack looked over at Jason, then back at Daniel.  “I’m not intruding, am I?”  he asked.

“No,” Daniel said as he set the sack in Jason’s hands.  “Providing Mr. Sarcastic here doesn’t mind.”

“Why should I mind?” Jason said deadpan, then turned and headed for the kitchen.  “We were just going to talk about the three of us.  And there’s that dare I think I’m supposed to respond to.”

Daniel’s eyes widened.  He’d already forgotten about that.  “Right.”  He cleared his throat.  “Make yourself at home, Jack.”

“Oooh, Mexican,” Jason said from the kitchen.

“If you can call Azteca ‘Mexican,’” Jack answered as he reached inside his jacket and pulled out another sack, this one narrow, from his inside pocket.  “This, however,” he said as he hung up his jacket, “is Mexican.”  It was a bottle of tequila and he handed it to Daniel.

“Either this is a house-warming gift or you’re not driving home,” Daniel said with a raised brow.

“If you drink any of it, neither is Jason,” Jack quipped.

Jason deliberately called back from the kitchen, “I am home.”  He emerged from the kitchen and gave Daniel a significant look before asking Jack, “Question is, are you?”

“Jason,” Daniel admonished, rolling his eyes.

Jack slightly lifted his hand, indicating it was okay.  Eyes locked, he and Jason stared at each other for a few long moments before he took a deep breath and hedged.  “Depends.”

That caught both Daniel and Jason by surprise.  “On?” Daniel asked.

Jack cleared his throat, thinking ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.  “On your answers,” he said, moving into the living room, and sitting down in the chair sitting across from the sofa.

Daniel stared at Jason, remembering his earlier words, and sighed as he headed into the kitchen.  “Beer?”  he called out to Jack.

“Thanks,” Jack replied, looked over at Jason, who was watching him.  “What?”

Jason furrowed his brows as he moved over to the sofa and sat down in the center.  Leaning forward on his knees, he gave Jack a narrow look.  “I thought you’d changed.”

“Jason,” Daniel admonished again as he came back in, handing Jack his beer before he sat down next to Jason.  “It’s okay.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Jason said, trying to keep his temper from rising.  To Jack, he said, “You love him, but it seems like it’s conditional.  You’re saying you’ll get involved with him only if he gives you the right answers.”

“That’s not what I said,” Jack argued, and he took the sofa chair across the coffee table.

“Yes, you did.  It’s implicit.”

“Jason, knock it off,” Daniel interrupted.  He rolled his eyes at him as he turned his attention to Jack.  “Jason and I were just talking about the polyamory relationship thing.”

“Yes.  I asked you what it meant, and you were about to answer.”  He looked at Jack.  “And then you knocked.  So, let’s sit back and listen to what Daniel’s got to say.”

“I’m not giving ultimatums, Jason,” Jack said calmly.  “I just have no goddamn idea what a poly relationship is or what’s expected.  That is what I meant.  I have questions.”

“Well,” Jason said, scooting to the corner of the couch and turned his back against the arm.  He brought a leg up, then aimed his hand at Daniel.  “You have the floor.”

They both glanced at Daniel, waiting.  Daniel didn’t quite know how to proceed but he figured the truth should start first.  “Um, okay, I love you both.”

Jack stared at him, blinking a few times, then took a pull from his beer.  “I haven’t heard you say it like that.”

“I know.”

“So I’m kinda coming late to the party,” Jack went on.

When Jason opened his mouth to interrupt, Daniel backhanded his foot.  Jason closed his mouth.  “Thank you.”

Jack took a deep breath.  “Before we say anything else, you said you needed time to trust me again.  To love me again.  I think you just answered the latter question.  What about the former?”

Daniel nodded.  “To me, they go hand in hand.  Sorry if there was any confusion.  You’ve been great these past two months.  You’re not the same guy you were three months ago.  Well, you are, and you’re not.”

Jack chewed at his lip and leaned forward, elbows on knees, and turned the beer bottle back and forth between his hands.  “I’m sorry that I was an asshole to you.”  He kept his eyes on Daniel’s and refused to look at Jason, in case it might be construed as seeking his approval.  He wasn’t.  “Thanks to seeing you with Jason, you sort of … no, you did wake me up.  I think I needed that wake-up call.  And I’m glad you’ve given me another chance.  So, now comes the part where you tell me exactly what that chance entails.”

Daniel paused as he reached for his soda.  “I’d like to have a relationship with you both, but it’s not just that.  I’d like it if we could be in one single relationship.  Basically, I’d have two boyfriends and each of you would have two boyfriends.  You don’t need to, but I think the two of you could come to like each other.  Or love each other.  If you gave it a chance.  The thing is, you two are peas in a pod.  You have a lot of the same things in common, and a lot of that is military and personal history.  I don’t mean that Jason’s lost a son or that he was married.  Jack, he’s Gay.  He’s not Bi.  What I mean is that both of you have had experiences as prisoners of war.  Or of combat.  You both react the same way to danger.  You both think the same when it comes to strategy and … whatever that other thing is when you execute it.”

“Tactics,” Jack and Jason said in stereo.  The two of them raised their beer bottles at the other.

Daniel tried and failed not to smile.  “Yes.”  He swallowed and went on.  “Point is, you have a lot of things in common.”

“The most important being you,” Jack said.  Jason raised his bottle again in agreement.

“Yeah,” Daniel drawled.  “I’m trying to sell it too much because, frankly, I don’t know how else to … keep both of you.  I know I’m being selfish.”

“If I may,” Jack said, looking at Jason.

Jason raised his bottle again.  “Knock yourself out.”

Jack nodded.  “Daniel,” he said, and he got up and moved the coffee table away from the couch, and just enough so he could sit closer but not right up in their faces.  He sat down and silently acknowledged Daniel’s amusement at his action with a brief, crooked grin.  “Boyfriends,” he said, and pointed a finger between them, then between himself and Jason.

“Yeah,” Daniel nodded.  He looked at Jason, who swallowed and sat forward.  “Boyfriends.”

“So, a threesome,” Jack said.  “One hundred percent?  Or do you and I have sex sometimes, then you and Jason?”

“All of it,” Daniel said.  “And, if you’re okay with it, you and Jason.”  He looked at Jason, then back at Jack.  They regarded each other with doubt plain on their faces.

“I’m …” Jason said slowly.  “Not … averse to it.  It can be hot.”  He looked at Jack.  “I just need to get over my attitude toward you about the past.  But I think it could work.  I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I’ll try.”

Jack chewed at his lip once more.  “Yeah, okay.  I can do the same.  About trying, I mean.  I don’t have any reason to dislike you, other than your constant sarcasm.”

Jason held up a hand.  “I apologize.  I get like that when I’m defensive.  Or when I don’t understand something.”

“So …” Daniel went on.  “It’s physically a threesome, but a threesome implies a primary pair and there wouldn’t be one here.  It’d literally be equal on all sides.  In my experience with friends throughout the years, polys can be a primary pair with one person having another relationship that their primary partner isn’t involved with, and they can be a complete threesome, everyone sharing.  I’m asking for the latter.”

Jack still needed clarification.  “So, in this relationship, everything’s equal?”

Daniel nodded.  “Say we start now.  That means that we can have sex.  Maybe one of us isn’t in the mood—”

Both Jason and Jack snorted.

“—and maybe two of us get together without that other person.  Maybe I’ll be cooking breakfast and the two of you decide to have sex in the bedroom or the shower.  And I’m okay with it.  The same thing applies to me and Jack having sex without you, Jason, and you being okay with it.  Then you and I have sex without Jack and he’s okay with it.  Do you guys see what I mean?  Now, that’s the sex bit.  The rest just falls as it may.  We each have our places, but we’ll live somewhere together most of the time.”

“I have the room,” Jack said.  “And the bedrooms, in case someone thinks something funny.”

Daniel smiled.  “I was hoping you’d offer.  But you’d have to be accepting of Jason being part of the house, too.  Give him a key.  I give you a key for my house.  Jason, you give a key to … are you going to leave the cottage and get that loft yet?”

“Not yet.  Lease isn’t up yet.”

“Okay, but you see what I mean?  Give Jack a key.”  Daniel looked at Jack.  “He already gave me one.  I gave him one.  It’s just your turn.”

“Bills?” Jack asked.

“I’ll take care of my own,” Jason said.

Daniel nodded.  “We still need our space, I think.  We can’t get married and share it all.”  He saw that that idea surprised Jason and Jack and their brows rose as they thought about it.  “Yeah, too soon for that idea to be disappointing,” Daniel went on.  “So, that’s it in a nutshell.  Are you … are you guys up for this?  Willing, I mean?”  His lover and would-be lover were quiet and Daniel sat back, then got up to go to the kitchen.  “Think about it.  You don’t have to answer tonight.”

When he got to the kitchen, he was nervous.  His palms were sweating and he hated that.  The thing he was afraid of most was Jack’s rejection.  Jason wasn’t a problem because he was already in the relationship.  Sadly, he was also a bit more open-minded than Jack was.  But Jack was also unpredictable.  There was no telling which way he’d go.  Right now, he looked like he was listening, considering his proposal.  But that was also the very essence of Jack.  He assessed all the angles, looking for something that made the most sense.  Question was, did this make sense?

“Daniel?” Jack asked from the living room.

“What?” Daniel called back.  He returned with a Coke and sat back down.

Jack opened his mouth, but he shut it, then sat back, frowning in thought.  He looked over at Jason with an expectation of rejection and it was more surprising when he didn’t get one.  Yeah, they’d kissed, and Jack was attracted to him, but a three-way relationship?  He didn’t mind the idea of threesomes.  He liked kink–or he did when he’d been regularly having sex–but threesomes were outside his experience.  As he looked between Daniel and Jason, he was gratified to see they weren’t looking smug or dismissive.  Well, he didn’t expect it of Daniel.  He just didn’t know Jason.  And if he said yes, he’d be agreeing to getting to know him.  He just wasn’t too sure about sex.  He was hot, but …

Jack looked at them both again and for a moment, flashed on what it would be like to be with two men; specifically, these two men.  Whether it was good or bad, sex was the only factor that made up his mind for him.  The rest would play out day by day.  “Yes,” he said.

Daniel smiled broadly as relief flooded him.  He looked over at Jason and loved the suddenly shy smile on his face.  “Great.”

Jack frowned slightly as he grew puzzled.  “Yep, great.  So …  now what?”  He knew what he wanted to happen but felt guilty because Jason wasn’t part of the scene in his head.  Jack also realized, right at that moment, that he might just be feeling those guilty thoughts for a while, at least until he got used to the idea of a trio.  “How am I going to not feel guilty, though?”

“What?” Daniel asked, then immediately got what he was asking.  “Oh.  You mean, not wanting Jason and only wanting me.”

“It’s unavoidable,” Jason answered.  “Until we get to know one another.  And Daniel?  Jack and I may have a lot in common but that doesn’t guarantee we’ll get along.”

“I know,” Daniel sighed.  “That’s why I was hesitant to bring it up in the first place.  I don’t want to cause strife between you.  There’s guilt and there’s jealousy.  You’ll have to overcome them or it won’t work.  So, let’s eat, talk, and you two could get to know each other a little more.”

“Not in one evening, Daniel,” Jack said.

“No, not in one evening,” Daniel said, shaking his head.  But in his mind, he thought about a little food, a little conversation, and then …  sex.  In fact, the idea of having Jack touch him was intoxicating and he knew Jason felt the same way.  “So, let’s get dinner.”  He got up and they followed him into the kitchen.  He wasn’t too sure they were being honest with him, judging by the way they kept glancing at each other, and him, but perhaps food and talk was the perfect form of foreplay.  He got down some plates and opened the drawer for the silverware while Jason grabbed a few more beers.

“Let me have those,” Jack said from behind him, nearly making Daniel drop the forks.

Daniel turned around and shoved the plates at him, unwilling to let Jack get too close to him, not right now.  “Here, smart ass,” he said, turning away when Jack grinned at him.  As soon as Jack disappeared, Daniel blew out a long breath and decided he’d have a drink and relax.  Fixing himself a whiskey and soda, he nearly drank half of it down before he’d even stepped away from the counter.

“Need relaxing?” Jason teased as he put the beer back in the fridge and came over to get two more glasses out of the cupboard.

Daniel jogged his brows and redirected.  “Why’d you return the beer?”

Jason smiled as he fixed the drinks quickly, then leaned in and whispered as he passed, “There’s a reason beer is a no-no prior to sex.”

The image of two hard dicks came swiftly and Daniel promptly blushed from arousal and anticipation.  “Right,” he said to himself.  Exiting the kitchen, he paused before entering the living room and stared at what was, for the moment, an amazing and happy sight.  His two men were arguing; not arguing in the usual sense, but more along the lines of telling each other what to do and coming to a compromise.

“Have a seat on the floor,” Jason said as he did just that, facing the couch with the table in front of him.

“No, I’ll be happy in the chair,” Jack answered as he stood there, plate full.

“You’re too far away, separating yourself.  Go sit on the couch.”

Jack smirked at him and sat down on the couch.  “Bossy little thing, aren’t you?”

Jason grinned back.  “Pot, kettle.”

“Wise ass,” Jack replied as he reached over and took his drink off the coffee table.  “You fixed this?”  he asked, after sipping.

Jason raised a brow.  “Bad, good?”

“It’s fine,” Jack said.

Jason rolled his eyes.  “Could’ve just said that to begin with.”

“I just did.”

Jason snorted as he shoveled a helping of enchilada onto his fork.  “You’re gonna have to adjust that attitude.”

“What’s wrong with my attitude?”

Jason gave him a mischievous look.  “Giving people the verbal equivalent of a reach-around.”

“I don’t jerk people off,” Jack defended with annoyance.

“Yes, you do, and most of the time it’s warranted.  But what I’m talking about is that you don’t need to do that here, not with me and especially not with Daniel.”

Jack understood, and he nodded.  His respect for Jason was going up a few notches, too.  “Okay, I get what you’re saying.”  He suddenly grinned, returning Jason’s mischievousness.  “But there’ll be one exception.”

“What’s that?”  Jason asked, chewing.

Jack stared at him and said, “The jerking off I do here will be real.”

Jason coughed and took a drink from his glass, glaring at Jack’s amused expression.  “Nicely done, wise ass.”

“I thought so,” Jack grinned back, feeling more comfortable after that hit.  He couldn’t tell who’d won the round so perhaps it was a draw.  Still, he sensed plenty of opportunities in the future to play this particular game and going by the grin on Jason’s face, the man would welcome it.

“You two getting to know each other better?”  Daniel asked as he chose that moment to enter the living room.

“We’re fine,” Jack said, winking at Jason, who winked back.  Jack watched Daniel as he sat down and was hit with a brilliant idea.  If Daniel wanted them to get to know each other, what better way than to share information?  For example, sharing moments of past missions that Daniel would prefer were best forgotten.  He knew Daniel would prefer they stick to personal views, but that was boring.  That would come out over time.  He didn’t need to trade favorite foods or movies with Jason because that really wouldn’t tell him anything about the man.  Trading mission stories with Jason would, as well as finding out how he felt about SG-1’s more amusing stories.  “So, speaking of getting to know each other better…”

“What’d you have in mind?”  Jason asked, peering over the glass in his hand.  The implication was expressed by the filthy smile on his face.  “Other than the obvious.”

Jack smirked back and said, “Mission stories.”  Jason chuckled, and Jack received the expected eye roll from Daniel, code for ‘Don’t go there, Jack.’

“Ah,” Jason replied, biting at his lip as he shot Daniel a teasing smile.  “I have a few of those, but I’d like to hear about the stuff you never put in the reports.”

“Remember that dare?” Daniel responded, giving Jason a dirty look.

Jason promptly cleared his throat.  “Don’t change the subject, Daniel.”

“What dare?” Jack asked, looking between them.

“I dared him to kiss you the next time he saw you,” Daniel said, feeling rather smug, and hoping the topic of conversation would head in that direction, not those embarrassing missions.  “Maybe you’d like to do that now?”  Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t buying it and neither was Jack.

Looking at Jack, Jason said, “I could kiss you, then you could tell me all about the missions.”

Jack felt a bit warm by the offer and for a moment, considered rejecting it.  But he also knew that it might taint whatever came later; the one thing he didn’t want to do was make Jason feel rejected–or disappoint Daniel.  He had a feeling that his …  lover …  would like to watch them kiss, and that thought led Jack to what he’d talk about first.  “He wants us to kiss but I think we’ll torture him and make him wait.  What do you think?” he asked, making sure that there was no hint of rejection on his face.  In fact, he deliberately appeared sly.

Jason slowly smiled at him, knowing that Jack had something on his mind.  “I think you have something else in mind?”

“I don’t want to see you kiss,” Daniel objected, but at the looks on their faces, he corrected, “Okay, that came out wrong, ’cause yeah, I’d like that but …”  He paused, receiving smug looks.  “Oh, shut up.”

Jason snickered, and Jack said to him, “I’ve an idea alright.  And it’s about this wish to see us kiss.”  He threw Daniel a look as he added, “Did you know he has a voyeuristic streak that he hides behind an anthropological label?”

“I do not!” Daniel argued, even though Jack was half right.  “I don’t hide behind anything.”

“Really?” Jack said, then winked at Jason.  “There was one mission where he used his ‘when in Rome’ attitude to force us to sit through a dinner ceremony–“

“I didn’t force us,” Daniel argued.

“What kind of ceremony?”  Jason asked.

“We were being honored as the first visitors to come through the gate that weren’t Goa’uld,” Jack said, jogging his brows, and clearly amused by the notion.  “Or so we thought.  Daniel said it’d be fine, that if we wanted to learn about their culture–and see if there was anything useful we could find–”

“I never said that,” Daniel interrupted.

“No, I did,” Jack replied, and went on.  “That we’d better go along and enjoy the celebrations.  So, we sit down to eat this feast, and little did we know, we were honored with entertainment.”  Jack smirked at Daniel, who was pointedly not looking at either of them.  “But Daniel misunderstood these people’s reason for celebrating.  It wasn’t that we weren’t Goa’uld.  It was that we were human, and we’d arrived just in time for their fertility festival.”

Jason nodded.  “I remembered reading about that.  They sent out dancers and actors and performed a play about planting and harvesting.”

Jack grinned more widely and waited for Daniel to explain.  When he didn’t, he said, “It wasn’t about crops, Jason,” Jack revealed with an evil grin.  “Unless you can consider human beings ‘crops’.”

Jason widened his eyes as Daniel groaned and said, “Planting and Harvesting were euphemisms, Jason.  It was basically a live porn show, with an artistic flair.”

“It wasn’t,” Jason replied, grinning.

“It was,” Jack nodded.  “You should’ve seen Carter.  She was beet red and hiding her face.  The second I saw what was going to happen, I suggested we quickly make up a story that would require us to get back home and report, but Mr.  Anthropology said it would damage relations …”

“God, just shut him up,” Daniel said to Jason.

“Another mission,” Jack went on, “had us hiding in the bushes and watching a few couples fuck because Daniel couldn’t bring himself to interrupt.  There are a couple more missions like that.”  He grinned as Daniel sat back and shaded his eyes.  “I think he’s a voyeur.”

Daniel lifted his hand and peered at him, then sat forward.  “You didn’t look away.”

“But I admitted I like to watch.  You never did.”

“Which means I’m not the only voyeur,” Daniel said to Jason.

“What?” Jack asked.

That prompted an argument between him and Daniel that was half-laughing, half-teasing and joking, and the subject went back and forth between sex and getting drunk on alien liquor.  Jason watched them, both amused and happy that they were able to enjoy each other again.  It made him think about how much they really loved each other.  As a result, it suddenly became obvious that, for the time being, he was in the way.

Getting up, he emptied his drink and picked up his plate.  “Think I’ll cover this up and set it in the fridge.”

Daniel and Jack were surprised, but Daniel most of all.  “What’s going on?” he asked, standing up.

Jason eyed Jack, then glanced at Daniel as he headed into the kitchen.  “I’m …  gonna run some errands.  I’ll be back.”

What?”  Daniel asked, staring after him.  “Now?”

Coming out, Jason met Jack’s curious gaze before he turned down the hall.  “Can I have a word, Daniel?”

Daniel frowned with concern and worry and looked at Jack, who was still sitting.  “What’d I do?”

Jack shook his head, but he had an idea what was going on.  Getting to his feet, he said, “Nothing.  Remember that guilt and jealousy thing?  I think you forgot the part about feeling left out.  We have mission stories.  He doesn’t.  Go, talk to him.”

Daniel pressed his lips together thinly and headed down the hall.  Jason was in the bedroom and he shut the door behind him and took his hand.  “Don’t feel left out.”

Jason sighed as he reached up and palmed Daniel’s cheek.  “I just thought that maybe—”

“You’re being a martyr.”

Jason blinked.  “I am not.  I figured you and Jack could use some alone time.”  Daniel shook his head, intending to argue, but Jason covered his lips with his fingers.  “No, listen to me.  This poly relationship is a big deal.  And so, I think the first time with all of us should be a big deal, but here’s the thing.  You and I were alone our first time.  We got to know each other.  So, I think you and Jack should be alone your first time.  That way, we’re all comfortable with each other when we finally have our first time.”

Daniel couldn’t feel more love for him than he did at that moment.  Jason was right, yet there was a flaw in his generosity.  “And what about you and Jack?  Don’t you deserve to be alone?”

Jason abruptly colored.  “Maybe someday, but he’s in this for you, not me.”

“For now, maybe, but I’m asking you to try and I’m asking him to try,” Daniel scolded.

Jason smiled lovingly, captured by Daniel’s increasing optimism about the three of them.  He pulled him into a hug, holding him tightly.  “I love you.”

Daniel smiled against his neck.  “I love you back.”

Jason pulled back and stepped out of his arms.  “Which is why I’m leaving now.”  He checked his watch.  “It’s nearly 8:30.  I’ll be back by…”  Looking at Daniel with a sly smile, he asked, “Midnight?”

“Ten, no later,” Daniel answered, not wanting Jason to be the equivalent of the roommate taking off till late hours.  “Besides, Jack’s probably used to going to bed before midnight.”

Jason smiled broadly.  “You’re gonna find out that he’ll happily change that.  Plus, there’s one thing you’re overlooking.”

Daniel frowned, puzzled.  “What?”

Jason leaned in and kissed him slowly, loving how Daniel reached up and threaded fingers through his hair.  Stopping the kiss and simply brushing his lips over Daniel’s, he said softly, “He may just be the kind of lover who likes to take two hours just to make you come.”

“Unlike you,” Daniel said, breath quickening.

“I try and try,” Jason said with mock-exasperation, “but I can’t help but get you off within the hour.”  Daniel kissed him passionately then and Jason returned the affection.  Breathless, he added, “Maybe Jack could help me with that.”

“Don’t know if that would work,” Daniel answered him, speaking against Jason’s lips.

Jason suddenly growled and stepped away from him.  “See how you are.  You’re sending me away with a hard-on.”

Daniel frowned at him.  “You’re the one leaving, Jason.”

Jason looked back guiltily.  “I’m already regretting it.”

“Then don’t leave.”

“Be with him,” Jason said.

Daniel backhanded him across the chest and Jason grabbed his hand.  He pulled him close, inhaling around his face, and Daniel grinned and asked softly, “Don’t you want to be with him?”

Jason sighed and let him go, reaching for the doorknob.  “I will.”  When Daniel came toward him, Jason held up his free hand.  “Do me a favor and stay back here or in the bathroom till you hear me leave.”

“Why?”  Daniel asked, puzzled.

Jason’s smile faded a little but wasn’t completely gone.  “So I can say goodbye to Jack.”

Daniel still didn’t understand.  “That makes no sense.”

“Because…”  Jason began, pausing.  “I want to start an intimacy of our own and see how he reacts.”

Daniel inclined his head, starting to understand.  “Oh, I get it.  You wanna know if he’s open to it or if he’s still a little reserved?”

“I don’t expect him to change right away.  I just wanna test the waters.  We already shared a kiss.  If you’re around, he’ll be distracted.”

Daniel saw in Jason’s face that this was important to him.  Walking over, he kissed him firmly.  “Ten or before, okay?”


“Now, move so I can go take a leak.”

Jason grinned as he opened the door and as Daniel passed, he swatted him on the ass.  Daniel threw him a filthy look and Jason smiled to himself as he started down the hall.  He heard the bathroom door close behind him, but his eyes were on the coat rack…  and Jack, who was now looking over his shoulder.

“Everything okay now?”  Jack asked.

Jason nodded as he reached for his jacket.  Pausing with it in his hands, he tried to speak but didn’t quite know what to say.  That confusion mounted when Jack got up and rounded the couch.  As he came closer, Jason was suddenly gripped by the need to kiss him and knew that part of the reason was that he was already aroused by him.  The aggravating part was not knowing Jack well enough to be able to read his body language.  For all Jason knew, Jack was simply coming over to look him in the eye, nothing else.

Still, his arousal rose aggressively and when Jack was close enough, he grabbed him around the neck and kissed him.  He could feel Jack was surprised, but he was kissing him back.  Jason’s surprise came when Jack returned the embrace.  It wasn’t anything like what had happened in his quarters.  But Jack must’ve felt his erection because he pulled at his hips just a little.  It was difficult moving away, but he did it and Jack followed his lead, wiping his thumb over his lips.  Jason sighed, unable to say anything right away.  So Jack did.

“That was much better than the first one,” Jack said as he covered Jason’s hand with his own–the hand holding the jacket.  “So where’re you off to?”

“I have some stuff I need to do,” Jason answered and the look on Jack’s face made it clear that he didn’t believe him.  Perhaps he was reading him already.

Jack shook his head.  “You’re running.  Why?”

Jason took a deep, slow breath, his gaze fixed on Jack’s as he reached to his left to grab the front doorknob.  “I’m gonna leave you two alone for a while.”

“What?” Jack asked, frowning.

Jason thought it was adorable, but he’d never admit it.  “This relationship is a big deal, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yeah, and?”

“And I think your first time should be just between the two of you, like it was for me and Daniel.”

That made sense, Jack thought, and again, his respect for Jason increased.  Only someone who loved Daniel that much would do that for him.  “Can I assume that’s what you were talking about back there?”

“Yeah, and like you, he wasn’t too thrilled with my leaving until I explained why.  But he gets it, and so do you.  And in case it hasn’t occurred to you, Jack, I’m doing this for both of you, not him alone.”

Jack stared back and swallowed.  A few seconds later, he suddenly saw Jason as someone other than Daniel’s best friend and bedmate.  For some reason he couldn’t figure out, he saw Jason as not just Daniel’s lover, but his own, despite the fact that they’d only kissed.  He stepped closer and pushed Jason gently against the door.  Reaching down in a spectacular tease, he brushed the backs of his fingers down Jason’s thigh.  “How long will you be gone?”

Jason groaned and felt the doorknob under his hand.  Turning it, he swallowed hard and pulled the door open, forcing Jack to step back.  “I’ll be back at ten or a little after.”

Before Jack could say another word, Jason had closed the door behind him.  There was movement to his left and he caught Daniel leaning against the hallway wall, arms folded.  He was grinning.  “What?”  Jack asked, slightly annoyed.

“I am a voyeur, it turns out.  I was watching you,” Daniel replied, then with a boldness he didn’t feel, uncrossed his arms and held his hand out.  “I haven’t told Jason yet, but I’ve fantasized watching you and him together?”

It was a come-on, and a very deliberately-phrased one.  Jack walked over, his hand held out.  “Have you now.”  Their fingers met, and Jack was thinking about wrapping him up in his arms but Daniel began walking backward, pulling Jack with him.  “Got something in mind?”  Jack asked.

“Yes,” Daniel answered as he let go of his hand and began to pull off his shirt.  As soon as it was off, and his chest was bared, he added, “Not wasting any time.”

Jack began to unbutton his shirt as he followed Daniel into the bedroom.  “Did you hear what he said?”

“Most of it.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I think you do.  He knows you want to be alone with me since it’s what he’d want.  And did that sound as conceited as I think it did?”

Jack grinned wolfishly as he tossed his shirt to a chair and began to pull off his shoes.  “It’s a healthy conceit.”

After toeing off his shoes, Daniel unbuttoned his jeans.  Impatient beyond his ability to articulate, he grabbed Jack and kissed him with the force of five pent-up years’ worth of arousal, and when Jack’s hands clamped down onto his ass, he moaned loudly into his mouth.  “I’ve wanted you for a very long time, do you know that?”

“Even when you were married?”  Jack joked as he pushed Daniel’s jeans down over his hips.

Before,” Daniel revealed.  “When you were married.”  His fingers were inside Jack’s waistband, easing them down.

Jack swallowed, and encouraged by the hands moving over his ass, admitted, “After I came back from Abydos, after my wife left me, I thought about you every single time I jerked off.”

Jeans half-down, Daniel kissed him again and again, moaning into Jack’s mouth as they both impatiently pushed and kicked off their clothes.  Daniel had to touch and felt a surge of adrenaline rush when he slid his hands up to feel the sparse hair on Jack’s chest.  It was then that his fingers ran into cool metal dog tags and he wrapped his fingers around the chain and pulled as he walked backward toward the bed.  “Did you jerk off when you were mad at me?”  he asked breathlessly as he crawled backward across the bed and propped up on his elbows.

Jack stared down at him, taking in the look of his body in a new way.  Obviously the hard-on was new, but until now, it was something he’d only imagined.  Kneeling on the edge of the bed, he looked down into Daniel’s face and felt his heart beat faster and his dick swell.  There was a blush to Daniel’s cheeks and the extraordinary blue of his eyes was getting swallowed in black.  He knew that look for lust, but he never thought he’d see it on Daniel’s face.

Like Jack, Daniel was momentarily distracted by Jack’s body.  Firm and well-muscled, especially those arms, and add the touch of hair on his chest.  All Daniel wanted right then was to be surrounded by him, and to feel that chest and the hair upon it against the muscles of his shoulders and upper back.  His gaze traveled south to Jack’s growing erection.  He was pretty normal girth-wise, but god, he was long.  And saluting him.  He got to his knees and ran his hands over his pecs, fingering the hair, then pinching his nipples.  When Jack growled, Daniel turned away from him, then leaned against his body and rubbed up a down.  His ass cheeks trapped his cock and he groaned at the same time Jack did.

“Now,” he said, as Jack’s hands roamed over his chest and returned the caresses and pinches on his nipples.

“Now?” Jack asked, inhaling Daniel’s scent as he nuzzled his neck.  “Didn’t you ask me a question?”

“Did you jerk off even when you were mad at me?”

Jack saw the long mirror at the other side of the room and turned them both to face it.  He continued to caress him, purposely staying away from his cock, while he watched Daniel in the mirror.  Their eyes met.  “Yes.”  He slid both hands downward, framing his cock and the groomed pubic hair.  His left hand reached underneath to cup his balls and his right took hold of the base of his cock.  While he kneaded his balls, he slid his hand upward, over the head, and back down, twisting it along the way.  He loved the shape of Daniel’s cock and the thickness and length.  He wasn’t hung, but he was more than adequate.

“Now,” Daniel repeated.

“Now?” Jack repeated, watching his hands.  Or more accurately, what was in them.

“In me.”

He met Daniel’s eyes again.  “Like this?”



“I don’t want you to move.”

“It’ll burn.”

“I don’t care.”

“I do,” Jack said.  “Where’s the lube?”

“Night stand,” Daniel said.  “Top drawer.”

Jack quickly retrieved it but in that time, Daniel felt an odd coldness when he separated.  It wasn’t just the lack of Jack’s body heat.  But he returned in time, squirting lube on his fingers.



“Sure?” Jack asked.

“Jack,” Daniel said, half-closing his eyes, and he took hold of his cock.

Jack rubbed a lot of lube over his hold and between his cheeks, then caught Daniel’s gaze as he pressed the head against his entrance and pushed.

“Yes,” Daniel said tightly, and a lot of pre-come leaked out of the head of his cock.

“Damn,” Jack said, wrapping his arms around him.  He controlled his hip angle and the thrust, inching slowly into his body.  “Oh fuck, that feels good,” he breathed.

Daniel’s eyelids remained half-closed.  “Fuck me.”

“Oh shit,” Jack whispered when he was fully inside and he thrust twice.  He couldn’t control it.  Didn’t want to.  He kept thrusting and grabbed hold of his hips.  He ground against him and groaned when Daniel spread his knees.

“Jack,” Daniel said, feeling the heat of orgasm climb higher toward completion.  It was too soon.  “Look at me,” he breathed.  Jack did.  “Really?  When you were mad?”

Especially when I was mad at you,” Jack nodded, and he pushed harder and ground against his ass.

With their eyes locked, Daniel wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked, smearing pre-come across the head.  “Especially?”  he asked, deliberately licking his lips.

Jack reached down and stroked him, too.  “Guess it was pretty much all the time.”

Daniel had had enough of this position.  “Come here,” he said, pulling away.  He turned around and fell onto his back, pulling Jack down on top of him.  He stared into his eyes, then seared his face into memory.  His hands caressed his chest, loving the feel of his muscles and the way they bunched and twitched under his hands.

“I might come too soon,” he warned.

Jack felt the blush of heat suffuse his face and neck as his cock rubbed against Daniel’s.  “Me, too,” he said, and Daniel pulled him down into a hungry, passionate kiss.  When his legs wrapped around his waist, Jack gasped and broke the kiss.  “Jesus,” he said, and pushed up, removing the sensation of Daniel’s body against his own.  He swallowed hard.  “I’m really not going to hold off much longer.”

Daniel lurched up and grabbed him by the back of the neck as he brought their lips together again.  Their tongues wrestled and hands roamed, researching and learning.  He pulled Jack back down on top of him and raised his knees, then positioned Jack’s cock and pressed his heels against his ass.  Jack entered him again and he moaned with sensual enjoyment.  They moved together like a single wave and he couldn’t get enough of him to savor.  He delighted in the way Jack shuddered as he licked around one ear.  It wasn’t long before Jack decided to return the favor tenfold as he used his mouth for something other than kissing, but he pulled out to latch onto his nipples, softly worrying and sucking them, moaning with pleasure when Daniel squirmed underneath.

Daniel wanted him back inside but he knew where Jack was going and he wanted that, too.  He arched his back when Jack dug his tongue into his navel and tightened his fingers in Jack’s hair as pleasure zinged throughout his body.  Fingers teased his thighs and ass while his tongue drew designs over the trail of hair between his navel and pubic hair.  So occupied was he with what Jack was doing that Daniel was startled when Jack whispered, “Yes,” over his cock.

The heat from his breath registered for a second before the wet tactile movement of Jack’s mouth surrounded the head of his cock.  Daniel gasped and threw his head back, spreading his legs to give Jack plenty of room.  Moaning encouragement, he gently thrust upward with each suck and pull of his cock.  Daniel would have loved nothing more than for Jack to continue and thought that perhaps their first time shouldn’t have to lead to actual fucking, but his anal muscles were contracting desperately, needing him back inside.

That need increased when Jack dipped his head down as he pushed Daniel’s legs up, tongue darting back and forth over his puckered entrance and Daniel couldn’t help but toss his head from side to side as the pleasure overwhelmed his senses.  His mouth began to water and he needed so badly to return the favor that he suddenly pulled himself away and maneuvered Jack onto his back.

Jack half-smiled and he’d have said something if Daniel had let him, but Daniel kissed him hard and rubbed his body against him, creating friction between their cocks.  Jack was thrusting up at him when Daniel began to move downward, doing much the same thing Jack had done to him, except that when he reached his cock, he wrapped one fist around the base and immediately took the rest of him into his mouth.  Jack cursed and threaded his fingers through his hair, releasing and tightening with each suck and roll of his tongue.

Then Daniel got the surprise of his life when he pushed Jack’s legs apart to expose his hole.  The moment he tongued him, digging rapidly around him with teasing circles and probes, Jack groaned loudly and raised his knees, gasping “Fuck me,” repeatedly.  Daniel suddenly weighed what he wanted against what Jack clearly wanted and in the end, decided that he’d give Jack whatever he wanted.  Later on, he’d get his chance, but right now, he couldn’t resist the deep noises of want.  Jack wanted to be fucked, and perhaps a little dirtily, given the incessant cussing he was dishing out.

That suited Daniel just fine.  “Want me here?”  he asked as he slid a spit-slick finger into his lover’s ass.

Eyes closed tightly, Jack grabbed the pillow under his head and raised his knees, thrusting upward slightly as Daniel eased his finger in and out.  “Yes.”

“You’re very tight,” Daniel said softly as he dipped down and tongued the cleft of his ass as his finger continued to loosen him up.

“Use a lot of lube,” Jack replied.  He grabbed Daniel’s head and pulled at him until his lover was lying on top of him.  He could feel Daniel’s hard cock rubbing against his own and he wanted it all the more.  “Where’d I put it?”

Daniel searched around and found it, all the while fucking Jack’s mouth with his tongue.  Finally, staring down into those brown eyes nearly black with need, Daniel pushed gently at Jack’s thighs, smiling as his lover raised his knees.  Squirting lube over his cock, he stroked himself a few times before adding more to his fingers and Jack’s ass.  Slowly and carefully, he inserted one finger, then two, and with each thrust, Jack groaned and grabbed his pillow tighter.  Daniel knew that there had to be discomfort but judging by the sounds Jack made and the way his body responded, the arousal superseded everything else.

He crooked his finger and grazed Jack’s prostate, and the resulting arch and gasp had Daniel holding onto him as he massaged his gland.  Easing off, Jack loosened his muscles and Daniel knew it was time.  Withdrawing, he took hold of Jack’s hand and wrapped the fingers around his lover’s cock.  “Stroke yourself,” he asked, breathless with anticipation.

Taking his own cock in hand, he rubbed the head against Jack’s hole and shuddered as the pleasure spiked.  It was all he could do not to ram himself inside, but he maintained control, pausing to drape Jack’s legs over his arms.  He stared down at him, hungered by the return look, and panted, “I’ve waited a long time for this.”

Jack reached up with his free hand to caress Daniel’s face and chest.  “Me too.”

Daniel thrust inside, slowly and easily, and the sensation made him gasp.  He felt Jack bear down as he pushed further in and when Jack growled, “Fuck!” Daniel could tell it wasn’t from pain.  The usual discomfort lasted only a few strokes and then Daniel quickly established a steady rhythm, alternately moving slowly and speeding up enough to slap against his ass.  With each impact, Jack stroked himself faster, then backed off when Daniel eased down.

Daniel wanted this to last forever but he’d never asked Jack how long it had been since he’d been fucked and he didn’t want to hurt him.  He was clearly ready, whether he was a virgin or not, but Daniel wasn’t ready for the rising of his pleasure and how his cock and balls were responding to Jack and to the pleasure in fucking him.  He was going to come soon, and he needed to draw it out a little longer, make his orgasm all the stronger.  Letting go of Jack’s legs, he leaned over and grabbed the top of the headboard as he sank his cock into him and ground against his ass.  “I’m gonna come soon,” he warned, circling his hips slowly.

Jack nodded with agreement as he slid his free hand under his left knee and lifted.  Quickening the pace of his stroking hand, he held Daniel’s gaze and lifted his ass.  “I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you look like when you come.”

Daniel gasped, the words nearly tipping him over, and gripped the headboard tightly and sped up his hips.  “You first,” he panted.  The slapping force and tireless pace had his sweat dropping down to mix with Jack’s.  He was wet from his own and Daniel loved the shine above his lip, over his cheeks and nose and forehead.  Reaching down, he caressed his nipples with his right hand, twisting them lightly as he whispered, “Come for me.”

Jack was panting hard now but he wasn’t close yet.  His desire to make this last warred with his need to come and as a result, he was confusing his body.  He needed an edge, something kinky.  “Make me.”

Daniel half-smiled and pinched a nipple just a bit too hard, biting his lip and the gasp Jack made.  “Virgin nipples, virgin hole.  Are you my virgin, Jack?”

Jack gasped, shocked by the words and his balls tightened.  On his face was an expression of intense need.  “Yes,” he encouraged.

Daniel slowed down and pushed his hips harder, forcing Jack to lift his knees higher.  He rode him like that, the agonizing, wonderful contact against his gland was driving Jack crazy and he writhed underneath his body, his cock.  “Like that?”

“Yes,” Jack said tightly.  “Oh god yes.”

“Do you like the feel of my cock?”

“Yes,” Jack said quickly, his hand nearly a blur on his cock.

“Oh god, Jack.  Come now!”

“Do it!” Jack demanded, his voice tight with strain.  On that last word, Daniel sped up and pounded rapidly against his ass.  The jarring against his balls and over his gland threw him over the edge and he came with rapid gasps, come spurting over his stomach.  Daniel grabbed the headboard and panted loudly as his orgasm exploded out of him.  He found Jack watching him and he locked on his gaze as his climax went on and on.  “Jack,” he gasped.  “Oh my god.”

It was hours, and only seconds, before Daniel eased back, slipped out, and dropped down on top of Jack to kiss him until they both gasped for air.  Quick breaths and pounding hearts were the only sounds in the room as they lay motionless, resting together in the afterglow.  A minute later, Jack rolled onto his side, bringing Daniel with him.

“I love you,” Jack whispered, eyes closing, and at that moment, he knew that no matter what Daniel did to exasperate him, Jack would never stop loving him.  Ever.  Maybe it was clichéd and silly after an orgasm, but Jack had always known that if he’d ever become intimate with Daniel, he’d be committed to him till the day he died.  He thought about saying this to him, imparting how important being together was, but he was getting sleepy and all he wanted at that moment was to hold him in his arms as he fell asleep.

Daniel tugged and freed the covers from underneath, pulling them up as he spooned against Jack.  His lover’s breathing slowed and deepened, and Daniel smiled, feeling an amazing sense of contentment.  He reached up and brushed at the wet strands at Jack’s hairline, thinking about how long it would take before they were both ready to go again.  Probably not till after Jason returned, and maybe not till morning, if Jack decided to truly sleep instead of nap.

Daniel couldn’t help the disappointment.  What about Jason?  What about being together, the three of them?  They may not be nineteen years old anymore, but he still wished for shorter recovery time.  On the other hand, Jason rebounded rather quickly, and so did he.  Would Jack be as resilient?  Daniel would find out very soon.  Experience and maturity mattered a lot, but goddamn, having a lot of sex did too.  There was also something to be said for long build-ups, but fuck, not right now.  As Daniel closed his eyes, he thought about Jason joining them and fell asleep with hope on his mind.


.  .  .


“Ten,” Daniel had told him and it was now 21:30.  Jason took another sip from the glass of dark beer, his second, and watched the cover band play on stage.  Out on the dance floor, a few couples danced, and he gazed at the women in their short dresses and skirts, their low-cut necklines and high heels.  For perhaps the thousandth time in his life, he thanked the fates for making him male.  Women had so much stupid expectation heaped on them from the moment they were born and while men didn’t get off Scott-free—especially where the macho homophobic shit was concerned—he still couldn’t help but be thankful.

A handsome young man walked by and turned his head to look Jason in the eye.  For a moment, Jason’s gaydar rose, as he recognized the come-hither look.  Oddly, a second later, the man’s dark eyes seemed to go distant as he sat down next to him and nodded at the dance floor.  “My woman’s out there, dancing with her best friend.”

Jason gave him a mildly annoyed look.  “Your point?” he asked.  This guy was a Dick.  He’d given Jason the eye, clearly wishing to hook up, but then went ahead and shouted, metaphorically-speaking, his fear-based heterosexuality in an immature and unsophisticated manner.  If he wanted a hook-up, why didn’t he just come right out and ask?

“Oh, nothing,” the young man said.

Jason nodded once and tried to dismiss him.  He wondered if the woman the Dick was with, if he indeed had one and wasn’t making it up—they did that—knew about his preference.  Could she also take care of herself or was she a doormat?  Either way, this dude was bad news.

Once upon a time, he’d have taken him back to his apartment and fucked him stupid.  He’d have gotten off on the way the young man acted like he didn’t want it, all the while begging for him to fuck him harder.  He wouldn’t do that anymore—these boys were dangerous.  But it didn’t mean he wasn’t tempted.  First Timers were always fun.  He’d had boyfriends who liked to pretend they were virgins and Jason liked that role play, but he preferred it in reverse.  And suddenly, he thought of Jack.  His dick twitched when he thought of Jack holding him down and pounding the hell out of his ass.

Looking at his watch—ten minutes had passed—Jason turned on his stool to look up at the muted TV and the baseball game playing.  It suddenly occurred to him what the day was.  July 7th.  As in the day before Daniel’s birthday.  He grinned to himself, thinking it perfect timing.  It meant that their anniversary wouldn’t be hard to forget.  Plus, sub-consciously, Daniel had just given himself a birthday present.  The stores were closed but tomorrow was Monday.  He didn’t really have a clue what to get Daniel, but perhaps some sort of symbol of their relationship would be appropriate.  As long as it wasn’t sappy.

Getting up, he took one last sip from the glass and set a few dollars underneath the base for a tip.  As he rounded the stool, the idiot he’d pegged as a homophobe touched his arm.  Oh brother.  Here we go, he thought.

“Something I can do for you?”

“Are you free this evening?” the Dick asked.

Jason realized the man was a shade past tipsy.  He glanced at the bartender, who stared at the man as he lifted Jason’s tip from under the glass, saluting him with it before turning away to the till.  His dismissal meant the guy wasn’t too much trouble, yet, so Jason hoped it would stay that way.  The bar wasn’t too crowded yet.  That afforded some semblance of privacy.

“Sorry,” he said.  The band stopped playing and the audience clapped with appreciation.  Jason chose that moment to respond further and he leaned in.  “Sorry, buddy, but I don’t fuck people in relationships.”  He started to walk away and the man followed him.  For fuck’s sake.

“Wait, wait.  She’s actually my sister.”

Jason frowned and turned to him.  “Dude.  Sober up, take her home, and tell her the truth.  Then go find the Leopard Skin.  You know where that is?”  He left the idiot gaping at him and was glad when he didn’t follow him to his truck.  Still, he didn’t relax his guard until he’d unlocked his truck door and opened it.  Climbing in, he was just closing it when the two young women who’d eyed him came up to the driver’s door.  They were pretty, no doubt about it, but they were barking up the wrong tree.  Their voices were muffled as they asked to talk to him, so he rolled down his window as he started up the truck.

“What can I do for you?”

One woman, a long-haired blonde, tried to appear alluring and seductive and licked her shiny red lips.  “I can do something for you, actually.”  The other woman, a short-haired brunette, copied her actions and actually opened her shirt, showing him her breasts.  Jason was more concerned with why he hadn’t noticed her unbuttoning her blouse.  The frown on his face was obviously a message because the brunette shut her blouse with a scowl.

“What’re you looking like that for?  They’re real.”

Jason jogged his brows at her and lightened his expression.  “They look very nice, darlin,’ but you’re barking up the wrong tree.  I prefer flat chests.”  It was comical, the puzzled expressions that crossed their faces.  “You ladies have a safe night,” he said as he put the truck in reverse.  He’d have told them to stop hanging out in parking lots, but the truth was that they weren’t interested in sex.  They were out to steal men’s wallets.  Pulling in front of the entrance, he got out and went to the bouncer by the door.  “You see those women over there?” he asked the guy.

“Yeah, I know what they’re up to, but I can’t police the parking lot.”

Jason frowned and headed back to his truck.  “Then warn every single guy who leaves.”

“Not my job,” the guy said.

Jason was disgusted.  The guy might be in on it.  He considered dialing 911 but didn’t.  It wasn’t an ‘emergency’ and he wasn’t about to have his number traced.  As he drove to Daniel’s, he thought about what Daniel and Jack had probably been doing and wondered if Daniel had topped or bottomed.  Or … no, Jack was a top.  Wasn’t he?  The blatant come-on at the bar had reignited his arousal, reminding him that there was hot, sticky, passionate, and exhaustive sex to be had … but when?  Oh please, let Jack be one of those men who bounced back pretty quickly.  The man was … forty-six?  Forty-seven?  Wasn’t he forty when they started the program?  So, forty-five.  Hell’s bells, that meant he should bounce back rather easily.  Hopefully.  Gods, please don’t let him be one of those roll-over-and-sleep-for-eight-hours kind of men.

Ten minutes later, he arrived at Daniel’s.  Using the key Daniel had given him, he crept inside and hung up his jacket, slipping the keys in the pocket.  Pausing to listen, he waited for the tell-tale sounds of sex but heard nothing.  That didn’t mean anything, however.  Pulling off his boots and setting them by the door, he went into the kitchen and made himself a drink, using the rarely used bourbon Daniel kept, and mixed it with Coke.  Sipping, he pulled off his socks, tossed them over his boots, and then pulled out his shirt and unbuttoned it.

His eyes were glued to the bedroom doorway, all the while his ears were attuned for any noise.  The closer he got, the more disappointed he became.  If there were no sex noises, then that meant people were sleeping.  He sighed as he looked into the bedroom and leaned against the door.  Jack was facing the door, Daniel behind him.  Both were asleep, and the blanket had been kicked off.  Only a covered them up to the waist.  The bottle of lube had fallen to the carpet and Jason ignored it for a moment before he decided to pick it up and place it on the night stand.  He left for the bathroom, stripped off his clothes and stood in front of the mirror, rubbing his face.  The stubble wasn’t that rough, but he turned on his electric razor to quickly get rid of the basic roughness.  He preferred the blade, but his shaver was good for touch-ups or getting rid of something that would chafe sensitive skin.  He grinned.  Balls, for example.  After brushing his teeth, he started to go into the living room but paused again, watching the couple for a bit longer.

He could smell the scent of semen, with a light coating of sweat, and wished they were awake.  That they hadn’t come yet.  It was at odds with the reason he’d left in the first place.  They’d needed that first time so, of course, they’d have orgasmed.  It suddenly occurred to Jason how they were spooning.  Daniel was behind.  Did that mean …  Jason’s mouth dropped open a little as he considered the enormity of that fact.  Jack was an alpha.  No question.  Alpha’s topped.  Daniel was also an alpha.  He himself was an alpha.  But he got it into his head that though he and Daniel switched places a lot, he planned to bottom with Jack.  Just the thought of doing it was a huge turn-on.

But Jack had apparently bottomed with Daniel.  Did that mean he preferred it?  It just didn’t track.  He was the alpha male.  The Top.  Maybe it was the First Time with Daniel thing.  He had given himself over.

Well, Daniel was, in most respects, the Alpha of this poly relationship.  He’d be in the middle of everything.  He’d direct it.  Jason grinned to himself.  That meant that Daniel would get double-teamed and that was gonna be hot.  It was inevitable, and whether it was tomorrow or in an hour, it didn’t matter.  Jason made a fist with his right hand, ordering himself not to take his dick in hand.  Said dick was thickening with arousal and if he kept thinking about Daniel being in the middle … but then, was Jason going to be in front or in back?  Huh.  He actually liked Daniel to top so he’d be on the bottom.  But he didn’t prefer it.  In fact, he was pretty sure that his favorite position in this relationship …

Holy shit.  He wanted Jack to fuck him.  A lot.  Permanently.  Between them, of course.  And Daniel, well, that went both ways.  It didn’t matter if he was topping or bottoming Daniel, in a threesome or as a couple.  When it was just him and Jack …

Jason remembered his earlier thought about Jack holding him down and fucking him, and his dick took even more interest.  But when would they do that?  In fact, what if Jack wasn’t interested in it for a long time?  Well.  Shit.  Daniel wouldn’t be happy, that was for certain.  He wanted them together.  Jason smirked.  He wanted them together because the little shit was a closet voyeur.  Although that was not a closeted issue anymore, was it?

He’d planned on going into the living room, but for what reason?  Watch TV?  Naked?  Waiting?  Screw that.  He downed his drink and placed the glass on the dresser, then carefully slid into bed behind Daniel.  He didn’t pull the covers up but instead draped his arm over Daniel’s sheet-covered waist.  He closed his eyes, inhaling the scent of sex, and hoped their first time was as good as they’d wanted it to be; he suspected it was.  They were asleep.  The orgasms must’ve been intense.

Unable to help it, he opened his eyes to peer over Daniel’s shoulder, staring at Jack’s wide, muscular back.  He imagined watching it flex and strain under Daniel’s thrusting.  It made his cock jump with excitement and he had to close his eyes and think of something else.  He allowed his mind to drift off as he thought about what to get Daniel for his birthday, and made a mental note to ask Jack to join him when he went shopping…  providing Jack hadn’t gone already.


.  .  .


Daniel began to rouse, lazily and with a quiet yawn.  He’d been having a strange dream.  Deciphering hieroglyphs, only they were etched on the walls of the SGC.  Nicely weird, nicely normal.  He was partly laying on his back, against a very warm body.  He slowly opened his eyes and looked to his left.  Yes.  He was laying against Jason.  He smiled to himself as his gaze rested on the glowing green hands of the large clock stationed high on the wall.  Without his glasses, the image was slightly blurry, but with alarm, he realized it was five minutes to seven.  They’d actually slept just over nine hours.

It was Jack, he thought with a smile, and turned his head to his right.  Jack was still faced away from him, snoring softly.  He caressed his lover’s hip with the back of his hand, knowing Jack would be a bit sore today.  At that thought, he felt a shift in the bed and he turned to brush a light kiss over Jason’s cheek.  The rough stubble aroused him, but it faded when his nose was filled with stale sweat and semen.  Making a face, Daniel slowly sat up and looked back and forth, trying to figure out how to get out of bed without waking either of his lovers.

In the end, he decided he’d crawl over Jack since he had had more sleep.  Plus, Jack could also use a shower.  What came as a surprise was Jack’s lack of movement as he crawled over him.  Jack had to be pretending to sleep; years of sharing tents had taught Daniel that he woke at the slightest movement and so Daniel had learned to sneak quietly in order to relieve himself.  Standing now, Daniel took a long look at him over his shoulder but there was still no sign of wakefulness.  Perhaps Jack was having the rest of the peaceful, and the thought made Daniel grin as he headed into the bathroom to shower.


.  .  .


Jack opened his eyes enough to watch Daniel’s naked backside and shifted in bed only after he’d disappeared into the bathroom.  He let out a happy sigh and groaned from the soreness of his muscles, particularly his ass cheeks.  What surprised him was the lack of extra soreness of his anal muscles.  He should have been smarting.  But then again, he was lying down and not doing anything.  Daniel hadn’t been rough, even with the pounding.  To Jack, that was normal apex movement.  You got frenzied the closer you were to orgasm, needing that friction and tightness.

Jack suddenly smiled as he remembered and rolled over to stretch out across the bed…  and froze.  There was Jason.  For a moment, Jack felt a surge of jealous intrusion, but it faded with each passing second as he gazed upon the other member in this triad he’d joined.  He let his gaze travel over that tanned, very muscular body.  Damn.  He’d forgotten how built this man was.  Didn’t they say cut, these days?  A sheet covered the more interesting bits, although that chest was something else.

The man was an Alpha, but Jack’s intuition told him he was a kinky bottom.  He already knew Jason was imaginative and risk-taking.  Fuck me, he’d said.  Could he have been joking as a way to loosen up and let down the walls?  No.  Jack didn’t get that sense.  He had a feeling that was Jason’s fallback position.  To joke, but to mean every word.  He also figured Jason would be a passionate lover or Daniel probably wouldn’t be with him.  Daniel never went for the boring type, even when it came to psycho females…  although granted, they’d gone after him.

Then there’d been Shau’re, who was different, and more pointedly, the one Daniel had fallen in love with.  While she’d chosen him—although Kasuf had made it seem like she’d been gifted—and not the other way around, Jack could never call her ordinary.  A bit too quiet and reserved, but passionate, intelligent, and strong-willed.  Jason was just like that in every aspect of his life, but he wasn’t quiet and reserved.  Well, he was a smart-ass.  But when it came to briefings, he was a quiet thinker and never said anything that wasn’t to the point.  Even when being said smart-ass.

He wondered if Jason felt he’d been ignored or overlooked.  He’d have been wrong, of course.  Jack had definitely noticed him.  The only difference between now and over the last two years was that Jack had never had a reason to notice him more than necessary.  As Daniel’s friend, Jason had been on the radar but mostly as a cursory check and nothing more.  Jack had purposely not bothered to look closer because it had always been too dangerous.  Caring for someone had always been a weak point and for a long time, Jack felt the cost had been too high.  But things change.  Things had changed.

Jack sighed with satisfaction and pushed up on his elbow, frowning at the time on the clock and wondering when it was that he’d last gotten so much sleep in one night.  When he looked back over at Jason, he found the man’s eyes slitting open.  He cracked a grin.  “Morning.”

Jason opened his eyes further and grinned back, mostly because of the funny cowlick on the crown of Jack’s head.  “Morning.  Where’s Daniel?”  Jack tilted his head at the bathroom and Jason frowned, listening, then nodded.  “Shower.”  He exaggerated a sniff.  “I figured that’d be the first thing he’d do after he woke up.”

Jack looked down, at the bed and at himself.  “Reeks?”

Jason shook his head.  “Not to me.  I rather like the smell of dried sweat and spunk, and Daniel doesn’t mind it either.  What he hates is not being clean.”

Jack’s grin grew more crooked, sarcastic.  “Good to know.”

Jason’s eyes crinkled as he smiled more broadly, though his mouth was still closed.  “So, I gather it went so fine last night that you two just kept right on sleeping.”

“You thought it wouldn’t go fine?  Or that we wouldn’t sleep all night?”

“Neither.  I was just hoping that you wouldn’t be sleeping all night.”  He sighed dramatically as he got out of bed and rounded the foot.  “Just my luck to fall for guys whose stamina is shit and their idea about longevity is a fifteen-minute fuck and a ten-hour nap.”

Jack threw a pillow at him and Jason grinned and threw it back.  “Seriously, dude.  Tell me you were just really tired.”

“I was really tired,” Jack scowled, though most of it was false.  “And if you keep teasing like that, you’ll find out what tired really means.”

“Promise?” Jason grinned.  “But even more seriously, how you’re doing this morning?”

Jack propped his head in his hand.  “I’m good.  Now sit down.  You’re making me look bad, standing there looking like that.”

“Like what?” Jason asked as he looked at himself, then sat down.

“Like you should be on the cover of Men’s Health or a Porn tape.”  Jason fell back laughing.  “Where’d you go last night?”

“To a bar,” Jason grinned.

“A bar?”  Jack asked, pushing up on his elbow.

Jason wanted to believe that it was out of protection or possessiveness but there was no reason for either.  Still, he couldn’t help but wish for that to be true.  It was odd, wanting this from Jack already.  They hadn’t even been together yet.  “I had two beers while watching this rock cover band.”

Jack knew there had to be more.  “Get hit on?”

Jason sighed, a smile still on his face.  “I did,” he answered.  “By one guy and two women.”

Jack’s brows went up.  “How’d that work out?”

“I wasn’t tempted,” Jason frowned.

“I didn’t think there would be,” Jack replied, holding up an apologetic hand.  “But what happened?”

“A guy hit on me while pretending he had a girlfriend and was just looking for some kink.”

Jack made a face.  “Those people.”

“Yeah,” Jason said, jogging his brows.  “The women were in the parking lot.  Flashed their tits at me.”

Jack groaned this time.  “Hookers?”

“Looking to roll a guy, but whether they were prostitutes or not, I couldn’t say.  I told them I preferred flat chests and let them work that one out.  I told the bouncer to take a look at these women and do something, but the stupid fuck basically said it was none of his business.”

“He’s getting blow jobs or something in return.”

“Yep.  So, not going back to that bar.”

“What bar was it?”

“That country and western joint on Lake.”

“Stompin’ Boots?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“It’s a nose dive,” Jack said.  “If you like country and western—”

“I don’t,” Jason said.  “It was just close.  I’m a Led Zeppelin kind of guy.”

“Ah.”  Jack chewed at his lip in thought, but he wasn’t thinking about music tastes.  He was thinking about the bar and the pick-up.  Daniel was probably used to it, if they went to bars together.  Jack wouldn’t be.  He didn’t like men hitting up on his ‘dates.’  There was a surprising urge to lean over and take Jason’s hand, but he held back.  He was afraid.  It felt odd initiating something that he wasn’t sure would work out.  With Daniel, he was sure, but with Jason?  There was also a contradictory emotion running through him.  What if what he felt with Jason was just as strong as with Daniel?  He didn’t think it likely, but Jack always had to consider all options.  The attraction between them was strong and Jack wouldn’t have agreed to the relationship without it, but now that he was here, facing it, he was chickening out.

The look on Jason’s face was hard to read, but Jack thought he detected disappointment behind his eyes.  Gazing back and forth with nothing to say, he thought he detected hesitation, too.  Was Jason feeling something similar?  Oddly, that made Jack relax a bit.  Misery loves company and all that.

Jason saw something in Jack’s eyes that was stand-offish.  Dammit.  He knew what that meant.  He took a deep breath and got up, heading out the bedroom.

“Going somewhere?”

“To make coffee,” Jason said.  It was true.  It was also a good excuse to get out of there.  He grabbed his clothes from the bathroom, then headed for the kitchen.  He quickly made the coffee, then just as quickly got dressed.  Except, he couldn’t escape wearing these jeans, so he went back in the bedroom and grabbed a pair of his sweats from Daniel’s dresser.

“Are you going somewhere?” Jack asked, sitting up and frowning.

“Yes.”  Jason shucked out of his jeans and put on the sweats, then his socks and running shoes, then a running tank top.  “I’ll be back in a while.”  He wasn’t in the mood to talk to Jack.  He didn’t even want to look at him.  He was mad.  But he also didn’t think he had a right to be mad.  Maybe a run would get rid of some of it, maybe it wouldn’t.  But he had to leave before he said something cutting as a defensive mechanism for Jack’s dismissive disinterest.  There was a deep ache in his chest when Jack said nothing as he left, and it pretty much confirmed what he thought.  Jack wasn’t ready, and he never would be.  He hated himself for it, but he hoped Daniel would be pissed.


.  .  .


Daniel toweled at his wet hair, thinking about what would happen later today and whether his lovers would get together.  He knew it was up to them and knew that Jason was willing.  But Jack was another matter.  He suddenly wondered if maybe there was something happening right now.  Both were bound to be awake now.  He reached for the doorknob to take a look when someone knocked on the bathroom door.  “Yeah, come in,” he said with a smile.  Upon seeing it was Jack, his smile deepened.  “Hey.”

Jack nodded, lifting his chin at him.  Closing the door behind him, he asked, “Did you use all the hot water?”

“No, there’s plenty left,” Daniel asked, curious now.  He glanced over Jack’s shoulder then added, “What’s Jason doing?”

Jack cleared his throat and didn’t answer.  Daniel’s eyes widened expectantly, wondering what was going on.  His question was supposed to have been loaded with innuendo.  Instead, Jack looked guilty.  “What happened?”

“He left.”

“What?”  Daniel asked, reaching around Jack to open the door but Jack stopped him.

“He said he’d be back.  I think he was going for a run.  Does he do that?”

“Yeah, he does,” Daniel said, but he only slightly relaxed.  “He gets up before I do, works out, has a shower, makes coffee, sometimes breakfast.”  At the tick of Jack’s cheek, Daniel frowned and let his anger show.  “What the hell did you do?”

Jack took a breath and … avoided.  “Maybe I scared him off.”

“Not possible.  What did you do?”  Daniel asked, setting the towel on the rack.

Jack didn’t want to say it, but Daniel would find out.  “I gave him the impression that I would never want to be with him.”

Daniel narrowed his eyes slightly in disappointment.  “Impression?  He’s good at reading people.  It’s scary how good he is at reading people.  So, you didn’t give an impression, Jack.  You told him.”

“It’s not what I said.  It’s what I didn’t do.”

Daniel’s good mood evaporated.  “Shit.  This was a mistake.”  He left the bathroom and went into the bedroom to pull out some clothes.  He had been inclined to sit around in a robe all morning, but now …  Jason was off in a snit, albeit a justified one.  Jack wasn’t interested in the three-way relationship.  When Jack came into the bedroom, he said, “I wish you’d just been honest with me last night.”

“Well Christ, Daniel,” Jack frowned, and felt stupid standing there naked.  He too began to get dressed.  “What if it isn’t good between us?  I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Ah huh,” Daniel said as he pulled on a fresh pair of jeans.  He considered socks but decided to slip on his sandals instead.  After he put on a t-shirt, he was going to leave but Jack grabbed his hand and dragged him over to sit next to him on the bed.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know you are,” Daniel said, calming down as he closed his eyes and dropped his head down.  “It’s my fault for pushing.”  He shook his head and looked at him.  “I never would’ve had sex with you if you hadn’t agreed.  No matter how much I wanted to.  I’d have needed his permission, which would have told him that I wanted an open relationship.  I don’t.”

Jack blinked, dread filling his heart.  “So … you and me …”

“Again, it’s my fault for pushing.  I shouldn’t have.  I’m sorry.”

“But you and me?”

Daniel shook his head.  “No.”  He started to get up, but Jack pulled him back down.  “What?” Daniel asked with exasperation.  “I laid it all out last night.  I was crystal clear.  You said, ‘yes’.”

“I know I did,” Jack said, and he hated how hard his heart was beating.  He was in a panic and he really, really hated that.  He also hated being backed into a corner.  “But it feels like …”  He bit his lip.  He’d asked this last night and Daniel had apologized for it sounding like an ultimatum, but …

Daniel started to get mad.  “It’s a condition, not an ultimatum.”

Damn, Jack thought.  He really was good at reading him.  “I know that’s what you said but now, upon hearing … it kinda …”  He dropped back on the bed and pinched the bridge of his nose.  “What in hell am I supposed to do here?”

Daniel knew he hated ultimatums.  They were, to Jack, like being cornered.  He got an idea, but again, it was up to Jack.  “I have a suggestion if you’d like to hear it.”

Jack rolled his eyes.  “You always do.”

“Fuck it,” Daniel said, getting up and he wrenched his hand away when Jack grabbed it.

“No!” Jack said, going after him and pinning him against the wall in the hallway.  “Stop walking away.  What’s your suggestion?”

Daniel eyed him.  “Let me go.”  Jack did.  “When he comes back, he’ll have his shower.  Jason doesn’t like his apartment’s shower, not enough water pressure.  When he can, he showers here.”

“And I’m supposed to just join him?”  Jack asked.

Daniel sighed and shook his head, disgusted with Jack’s intransigence.  “Okay, fine, never mind.”

“Daniel,” Jack scowled, “don’t do that.”

“Well, dammit, Jack,” Daniel said impatiently.  “If this relationship is going to work the way I’d like it to, you two need to be comfortable with each other.  I’m not trying to make you feel anything you don’t, but I can know you feel something, which is the only reason I … why the hell did you kiss him yesterday?”

Jack blinked, caught off guard.  “Um … it just … I was turned on.”  He reddened a bit.


“Well, duh.  He’s hot.”

“And now he’s not?” Daniel asked, walking around him, and going to the bathroom.  He fished out his shaving gear from the drawer.

Jack frowned, thinking about it while Daniel plugged in his razor.  “No.  He still is.  It’s just … it feels like it’s unnecessary.  Like I’m cheating.”

“Oh brother.”


“Jack,” Daniel said, and it sounded funny because he was shaving the bit under his nose and so his upper lip was drawn down.  He took the shaver away.  “You’re thinking too much.”

Jack jogged his brows.  “Maybe.”

“Yeah, well, you’re worse than me sometimes when you overanalyze certain things.”

“Like this.”

“Yes,” Daniel said.  He sighed and looked at Jack in the mirror as he continued to shave.  “Jason won’t be back for an hour or so.  Take your shower.  Maybe you could join him when he takes his, or maybe you’ll have something else in mind.”  Jack suddenly smirked at him and Daniel paused and turned off the razor.  “I’m not going to play a game of Switch the Partner, Jack.  I want you two to get comfortable with each other or this poly relationship will never work.  Maybe you just need a lot more time to think about it.  In which case, I’m not going to push you.  Take all the time you need.  But it can’t be together.  Push your own boundaries and jump right in.”

“Just like that?” Jack asked, clearly doubtful.

“Just like that,” Daniel told him.

“And if I choose to step back and think about it?  That might take a while.”

“Which is why I suggest you just jump right into the deep end of the pool.”  He smirked.  “Or shower.”  When Jack rolled his eyes, he grew more serious.  “Don’t take too long deciding.  Any one of us could die tomorrow.  We don’t have the luxury of time.”

“That’s a spurious argument.”

“No, it isn’t,” Daniel said, surprised.  “Yes, we could die from anything at any moment if we had regular jobs, but the odds are a hell of a lot higher than regular military who has to deal with war in Afghanistan.”  He turned on the razor.  “Just do something.  Don’t drag this out.”

“Do you know you have a thing about first times and showers?”

Daniel bit his lips together as he moved the razor under his chin.  “We weren’t in the shower.”

Jack made a grumbling sound as he grabbed his toothbrush and paste and stepped into the shower.  “In or out of the shower, he might be resistant now.”

Daniel sighed, hating Jack’s stubbornness sometimes.  “I know for a fact that he’s not.  If he gives you the impression that he is, it’s only because you pissed him off.  Stop doing that.”

Jack squirted a handful of soap into his palm and looked around the shower.  “It’s a tight fit in here, you know.”

Daniel snorted.  “That’s exactly what Jason said.  He thinks I need to use my savings to enlarge the bathroom.”

Jack narrowed his eyes and slowed his soapy hands sliding over his chest.  “That’s a good idea, but I meant the shower size, Daniel.”

Daniel smirked at him.  “So did I.  You have a smutty mind, Jack.”  He put his razor away and left the bathroom.

Alone, Jack frowned, wondering how the hell this was going to work.  He had no intention of backing off to think about it.  He wanted Daniel with an overwhelming passion, especially after last night.  He wasn’t going to repeat that again in the near future, because he simply wasn’t too interested in bottoming, but it had felt right.  To give himself over in that way.  The next thing he needed was to fuck Daniel to orgasm.  But did that mean he needed to fuck Jason first?  Or did Daniel just mean any kind of intimacy?  Maybe.  Jack also knew that didn’t mean he could stick to kissing or jerking off.  Blow jobs?  Maybe.  That was certainly intimate.  But if Jack was truly honest with himself, he could easily imagine fucking Jason and really liking it.  Loving it.  Whatever.

As he washed, he grew nervous, and the desire to chicken out filled his thoughts.  But his stubbornness reared up at that point and he ordered himself to get perspective, to do as Daniel said.  Jump right in.  Compared to the immense fear and anger he’d learned to overcome after escaping from an Iraqi prison, this was nothing.  Dipping his head under the shower spray, he forced himself to think about touching Jason, to imagine his hands on him, his mouth on his cock.  He began to stroke himself, fantasizing that Jason was in front of him, mouth around his cock.  Or bent over in front of him, hands held down and his cock …

To Jack’s surprise, his dick began to thicken and grow; with it came feelings he recognized as only half to do with lust.  Swallowing, he released his grip and continued washing, knowing that it would be better to express these feelings in person.  He was, not to put too fine a point on it, fucking shocked.  He needed to meditate or get Daniel to shrink him or something!

When did this happen?  When was it where his conscious mind actively blocked …

Jack closed his eyes in a wave of guilt.  When he’d rejected, or ‘ejected’ was more like, Daniel from his thoughts and only getting together with him was out of remembered love and affection, not what he was like now.  Daniel had gone through a lot with him and it was a fucking miracle that he was accepting him back into his life, and in a much deeper and more permanent way.  And he’d resisted anything else Daniel had wanted.  Out of habit.  In so doing, he’d resisted other feelings.  Other ways of thinking.

So he had to open up completely and set all the other shit aside.  Perhaps that way, he could discover exactly what they truly were.  Was there something more or was Jason just a kink he was getting off on?  Because if it was the latter, Jack didn’t think he was doing himself, or Jason, any favors.  But the feeling he’d had when he’d thought of him laid out in front of him, surrendering …

Jesus.  Was he that old school?  Well.  Yes.  In that regard anyway.  Or was it a kink?  Christ, O’Neill.  Get your shit together.


.  .  .


“You’re pretty quiet,” Daniel said as he turned the bacon in the pan.

Coffee mug in hand, Jack looked up from the newspaper Daniel had just brought inside and frowned at him.  “I’m reading.”

“It’s not that, Jack,” Daniel pointed out.  “You haven’t said more than a few words to me since getting out of the shower.  I know you’re a helluva lot more talkative than that.”

Jack gave him an annoyed look, wondering if Daniel was going to be like this during their entire relationship.  On the other hand, he should have known better.  This was who he fell in love with.  Why in the fuck was he complaining?  Besides, Daniel discussed things while he didn’t, at least not until he’d finished brooding about them.  Setting down his mug, Jack got up and walked over to him, sweeping aside whatever it was that had fallen to the floor with a bare toe.  Daniel set the tongs down and faced him, which Jack appreciated.  “You know I don’t talk just for the sake of it.”

“Neither do I,” Daniel countered impatiently.  He slipped his hand in Jack’s, eyes traveling over his grey V-necked t-shirt before meeting his gaze.  “If something’s on your mind, talk about it.  Please don’t treat this, or me, like you usually have.”

“Meaning what?”  Jack asked, but he had a fleeting idea.

“Meaning that you don’t talk to me.  You barely tolerate anything I have to say when we’re at work–”

“That’s bullshit–”

“Is it?” Daniel asked, eyes wide with shock.  “Are you kidding me?  You interrupt me during lectures and briefs, you reluctantly listen to me in the field.  It’s …  if we’re going to be together on an intimate level, then you can’t do that anymore.  If your silence is about Jason and you’re just mulling that over, then I get it, and that’s all you have to say.  But if this is your usual communication blockade–”

“It’s not on purpose, Daniel,” Jack sighed.

“I never implied it was,” Daniel answered, his anger abating quickly.  And contradicting his thoughts, he added, “But I don’t know why you have to be so defensive about it.”

“I don’t mean to come off that way,” Jack said, frown deepening.  “Are you trying to start an argument?”

“No,” Daniel sighed and started to turn away, but Jack tightened his fingers and pulled him back.

“Listen, I’m sorry.  I just don’t quite know what the hell is up my ass.”  Daniel raised a brow, trying not to smile.  Or smirk.  “Shut up.  You know what I mean.”

“Sorry.  But what do you mean?”

“I was in the shower and doing what you told me.  Sort of.  I was imagining myself with Jason.  And I got hard.  But more than that, I felt something that had nothing to do with lust and … I’m seriously confused.”

“About Jason?”

“Yes.  And with you … I get it.  I have to change or this’ll never work between us.”  He dropped his forehead on Daniel’s.  “I don’t mean to be an ass.  Or an asshole.”

“I know you don’t.”

Jack momentarily closed his eyes and sighed deeply.  He was about to open them when he was startled by Daniel’s lips on his.  The kiss was light, loving, but the moment Daniel’s lips parted, Jack wrapped his arms around him and kissed him more thoroughly.  Daniel groaned into his mouth and Jack groaned back when his lover’s hands clamped down over his jeans-covered ass.  Releasing him after a moment, Jack sighed and brought their foreheads together again.  “So I get what you’re saying.  And I promise that I’ll try to get better at being open if you try to give me breathing room to think.  Deal?”

“Deal,” Daniel answered, feeling very aroused.  He thought about Jason and Jack and considered watching them when they were together.  He really did have a voyeuristic streak, but it was Jason-Jack centric.  He hoped.  He suddenly wondered if either of them would object, but then recalled their teasing and had a sneaky suspicion that they’d be more than okay with it.  And with him jerking off while they fuck?  A deep flush of embarrassed arousal gripped him and he cleared his throat.

Jack was perplexed by Daniel’s long look.  “What?”

“Nothing,” Daniel answered, a bit embarrassed.  “Just thinking about you and Jason.”

Jack snorted softly.  “By the way, yes, that’s exactly why I was quiet.  I’m more than a little nervous.”

“And confused.”

“And confused.”  At that moment, there came the sound of a key in the front door.  “Speak of the devil.”

Daniel looked up at the kitchen clock.  “He’s early.”  Jason walked in, sweaty and a bit short of breath, and set his keys and a small bottle of Gatorade on the counter.  “I didn’t expect you for another twenty minutes or so,” Daniel told him as he walked over and kissed him.

“Shorter run today,” Jason answered, smiling, and nodding a hello at Jack, who returned it.  “I’ll just let you carry on and go take my shower.  There hot water?”

“I think it’s had time to fill back up,” Daniel answered.

As Jason disappeared with a nod, Daniel gave Jack an ‘I told you so’ look and Jack rolled his eyes and walked back to the table.  “Don’t say it,” he said, picking up his coffee mug.  Staring down at the brew, he got an idea.  Going to the cupboard, he took down another mug and filled it with coffee.  When he looked over and caught Daniel watching him, he growled, “Not a word,” and headed out of the kitchen.

“I didn’t say anything,” Daniel said, turning away to hide his smile.


.  .  .


Jason quickly toed off his shoes and socks and stripped off his sweats.  The smell of bacon was tantalizing and though he had a craving for the orange juice in Daniel’s fridge, plus thought of breakfast was making his stomach growl.  Heading for the bathroom, he rocked back on his heels, nearly running into Jack in the hallway.

“Christ, Jack,” he said.

Jack handed him the mug.  “Figured you’d like some.”

Jason was fully surprised as he sipped at it, grimacing just a tiny bit at the bitterness since he tended to prefer his coffee sweetened with cream and sugar, and a maybe a little mocha.  Still, the effort from Jack didn’t go unappreciated.  “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Jack replied, watching Jason disappear into the bathroom.  Despite what Daniel had suggested, Jack wasn’t interested in starting anything in that shower.  Out of it, he was willing.  He didn’t feel in the mood for sex but seeing Jason naked helped.  It would all depend on how things went after Jason was finished in the bathroom.  Jack’s plan was to stop him from getting dressed and just see how he’d feel then.  There were no guarantees, but if Daniel was right, and if his thoughts in the shower were right, then Jack would probably be having sex soon.

The anticipation ramped up his hormones as he returned to the kitchen, and at the raised eyebrow from Daniel, he held up a finger.  “Not in that shower,” he said.  He paused, twisting his mouth as he thought about what to say.  “It’s just that maybe later, after this relationship thing has settled, then we might share a shower.  Right now, I think it’s better to start this out in the more …  traditional spot.”

Daniel grinned, appreciating how much Jack was trying.  “Okay, whatever you think’s best.”  At Jack’s raised brow, Daniel added, “I’m serious.”

Jack made a rude noise as he dumped the cold coffee and refilled his mug, and for a moment, considered adding a shot of whiskey.  But it was morning, dammit.  What was he thinking?  That he needed alcoholic back-up?  Since when?  He was startled slightly when Daniel’s arms slid around him and he pressed his body against him.

“Do you have a better idea how we can all be comfortable with each other, learn love and respect?”

“No, and don’t be smug.”

“I’m not,” Daniel said, kissing the back of his jaw.  “I’m happy you’re trying.  You have no idea how much.”

Jack was suddenly hit with an overwhelming feeling of realization.  This was real.  Daniel’s arms around him were real.  Awe filled him, and he allowed himself to lean back slightly, both testing this reality and indulging in it.  Daniel tightened his arms and kissed his jaw again and Jack turned his head and sighed.

Jack’s behavior was unusual.  Daniel knew it was only because it was new, but he couldn’t help but feel relieved.  “What’s on your mind?”  he asked.

Jack turned around in his arms and smiled crookedly.  “Nothing.”

“Nothing?”  Daniel grinned back, his tone laced with disbelief.  “Oh shit,” he said and grabbed the bacon before the last of it burned.  “See how you are?  You distracted me.”

“Don’t blame that on me,” Jack grinned.  He sighed and sat down, chewing at his lip, staring at the wall—on the other side of it was the bathroom, where Jason was showering.

Daniel noticed and as he put the bacon on the table, he asked, “What’s with the look?”

“Jason,” Jack said, jerking his chin at the wall.  The sound of water through the pipes said the shower was still running and at that moment, to Jack it sounded like a ticking clock.  Daniel was giving him a look as if trying to read his mind.  There was caring and concern on his face, and perhaps a bit of worry?  “If I …  when I go through with this, I’m not sure it’ll be fair.”

“To whom?  Me?  Jack, I’m the one who—”

“No, not you, Daniel.  Him.”

Daniel thought he understood but with Jack, there was no telling what he meant.  “Because?”

“Because …”  Jack began, pausing to find the words.  He looked down from Daniel’s face, staring at his throat.  He felt the pull of attraction, wanting to bite and lick, even to snuggle against it and bury his face.  Problem was, the main thing, but not the only thing, he felt toward Jason was lust.  “Because what I feel toward you isn’t the same as I feel toward him.  Is it fair to be with someone else when we’d both rather be with you?”

Daniel took a deep breath and sighed, understanding a little.  “You’re capable of feeling more.  So is Jason.  If I can love two people, you will find you can too.  Give it a chance.”

“Okay,” Jack sighed, and he was sincere.  “But it’s not the issue at the moment.  I’m thinking more along the lines of lust, Daniel.  What I feel for you, right now …”  He got up and demonstrated, tightening his arms around him and leaned in, rubbing his nose against Daniel’s.  “This.  Simple affection stuff.  I don’t feel it toward him.  I look at him and I feel attraction.  I don’t feel the deeper stuff.  Is that what you mean when you say, ‘give it time’?”

“Yes.  Can you work with that?”  Daniel asked, hoping he could.

Jack thought about it, lowering his gaze so that Daniel’s wouldn’t distract him.  “I’ve been with people I didn’t love, so yeah, I can work with that.  But having you here in the next room feels awkward, like chea—”

“I’ve already told you—”

“I know.  I can’t help it.”

“Would it help if I watched?” Daniel asked, but he didn’t mean it.  Not exactly.

Jack smiled, his eyes sparkling with a sly mischievousness.  “Kinky bastard.”

“That doesn’t say yay or nay,” Daniel said, pushing at him.  He loved the feel of Jack’s resistance as well as the firm, hard muscle under his hand.  He thought of another muscle that should be firm and hard, and wanted to reach down between them but he didn’t want to muddy Jack’s arousal.  At that moment, the water shut off and Daniel looked in that direction, as did Jack.  Their eyes met and Daniel grinned at him.  “Yay or nay?”

“About what?”  Jack said, deliberately coy.

“Watching and threesomes,” Daniel said.

“I’ll assume the watching goes both ways,” Jack answered.

It was confirmation and as Daniel looked at him, he felt extremely warm.  The idea of Jack watching him be with Jason was intoxicating.  “Yeah, it does.  In fact, it goes three ways.”  Daniel thought of something and raised an eyebrow.  “But.  I don’t think I should be watching you for this first time.  It’s like I’m chaperoning and I won’t get aroused by that.”  Jack chewed at his lip again.  Daniel was beginning to find it endearing.

“Okay, you have a point.”  He narrowed his eyes.  “But.  If you feel the need …”

At that moment, they heard the bathroom door open and they both paused, listening.  There was movement but Jason didn’t appear.  “He’s waiting, whether he knows it or not,” Daniel said.  “I think.  Go find out.”  He stepped out of his arms.

On the heels of that order, Jack got an idea.  A slightly kinky idea.  He didn’t quite know why it would work but his instincts had never led him wrong, especially where sex was concerned.


.  .  .


Jason stood near the foot of the bed, his back to the door, and rubbed the towel over his wet hair.  His thoughts were on Daniel and Jack.  More Jack than Daniel.  Time would tell how he’d fit in with Jack and there had to be something to draw the man in.  But what?  It might not be relevant since Daniel would refuse Jack if he didn’t accept the relationship.

Jason looked down at his body, passing a hand over the slightly damp skin of his chest.  Was Jack turned off by this much well-defined muscle?  Daniel wasn’t soft or unfit, not by any means, but his muscles weren’t like his own.  The door opened behind him and Jason just knew it was Daniel.  He didn’t turn around as he ran his fingers through his wet hair anyway, hoping none of it stood on end.  “Breakfast ready?”  he asked.  Hands touched his waist and Jason knew they weren’t Daniel’s.

“Not for a while.”

Jason swallowed and turned around.  Jack laid his hands on his chest and caressed him slightly, just feeling the pecs.  It was extremely arousing.  Jason was going to ask him what was on his mind until pushed him backward as he walked forward, then pushed him a bit too firmly onto the bed.  Jason bounced lightly and he held his breath, staring up at Jack.  At Jack.  There was a few more seconds of shock as he weighed what to do about this interesting development.  When Jack unbuttoned his jeans, Jason swallowed and scooted backward across the bed.

Several things crossed his mind.  One, Jack was coming on to him and he was taking off his clothes to prove it.  Two, he’d shoved him down and Jason didn’t believe that Jack was the type of man who exerted dominance in bed without a good reason.  Like a role play scenario.  Since this wasn’t role play, there had to be another reason for it.  Whatever it was, Jason’s dick was filling from the aroused anticipation.  The look on Jack’s face was mischievous, playful.  Sexy as hell.  In the middle of the bed, Jason pushed up on his elbows and stared up at Jack’s face, then down at his half-hard cock.  Tingles spread through him and his mouth watered.  Before he had the chance to say anything, Jack crawled onto the bed and moved over, hovering above him.

He took hold of Jason’s hands and pushed them over his head, pressing them into the mattress.  The effect of doing so was immediate and Jason sucked in a breath as his dick hardened.  The strength of those particular hands on his was shockingly arousing–much more so than when Daniel had held him down.  His fantasy, his earlier thoughts … they’d been unerringly accurate.

No one, not anyone, in Jason’s past had this effect.  And Jack wasn’t doing anything else.  He just loomed over him, eyes gazing down, knees touching the inside of his own.  Jason swallowed, hard, and felt absolutely amazed by the pounding of his heart and the quickness of his breath.  Jack looked calm, which only made things worse–although worse meant better.

“Something on your mind?”  he whispered, then Jack slowly lowered himself.  Jason sucked in another breath, his gaze darting over his lover’s face, focusing between his eyes and mouth.  Jack’s movement was pulling that focus away, however, when the skin of his body finally touched his own.  Jason wanted to answer his own question, and on his lips were the words, “Guess it must be me,” but instead, Jack fell upon him.  It may have only been an extremely short distance but there was light touch and then suddenly Jack’s heavy weight pinned him down.  Jack kissed him as he undulated against him, body slowly thrusting in an effort to … excite him?  Excite himself?  From what Jason could feel, job done.  He melted into the bed, tongue dancing with Jack’s.

He breathed deeply and spread his legs for leverage and tightened his fingers in Jack’s as he thrust upward, grinding his cock against his lover’s body.  His mind focused on the way Jack’s body felt against him, memorizing all the important little details.  His weight was different obviously but there was the way it settled upon him.  The hair on Jack’s chest crackled with friction as it rubbed against his own smooth skin; his pubic hair did the same.  His hips weren’t as narrow as they looked, and the feel of his cock kept changing as he grew stiffer with arousal.  Then there were his fingers, his arms, his lips, the way he smelled and tasted.

Jason wanted to taste more but he also didn’t want Jack to let him go.  Still, this first time required a lot more than just getting held down and fucked.  Didn’t it?  Not exactly.  Jason wanted to come like that.  He wasn’t even close to coming but if Jack kept at him that way, it’d be over sooner than they realized.  Without warning, he wrapped his legs around Jack’s thighs and turned them over.  “I need to taste you,” he murmured as he broke the kiss, mouth reaching for his throat, his collarbones.  Jack let go of his hands and Jason moved down his body, stopping to swirl his tongue through chest hair and around his hardened nipples.  When he moved downward, reaching his stomach, Jack’s fingers threaded through his hair with encouragement.

“Yes,” Jason whispered.  He loved hands in his hair and Jack’s made him love it even more.  Tonguing his navel, he smiled at the jerky response.  He’d have liked to have stayed there awhile, teasing, but Jack’s cock was rubbing against the hollow of his throat and his mouth watered at the thought of finally tasting him.  His hands had been busy stroking and caressing every part of Jack except his cock, but now he reached for him, lifting up a little for room.  When he dipped down and took in the head of his cock, Jack groaned and tightened his fingers.

Jason wanted words, wanted instruction, hoping Jack wouldn’t just let him fumble his way, but the latter was what he got as he did the typical moves.  “Show me,” he said quickly, then moaned when Jack’s hands in his hair framed the sides of his head and moved him down.  Jason took his balls into his mouth, sucking gently, hungrily, and he wondered if Jack wanted to be rimmed.  He got his answer when Jack let out a ‘yes’ to the raise of his legs and the search of his tongue.

Jason couldn’t stay down there long because he needed more of that cock.  So back and forth he went, winding Jack up, enjoying the reactions of his body and the taste of his pre-come.  He was so consumed with what he was doing that it came as a shock when Jack pushed him off and pulled him back up, then pinned him down again, moving quickly as he held Jason’s hands out by his sides.

Jason sucked in breath after breath, squirming as Jack began to use not just his tongue but his teeth, nipping here and there, making Jason’s eyes roll back into his head.  By the time he reached his cock, Jason was rock-hard and arching into his mouth.  He wanted Jack inside him so badly, but at the moment, he was tempted to let him shoot down his throat.

Jack let go of his hands in order to use his own, torturing him with an onslaught of lusty pleasure.  He pushed his knees up, exposing more of him, and when he rolled his tongue around his opening, the decision was made.

“I want you inside me,” Jason gasped.

“Where’s the lube?”  Jack asked, voice muffled as he continued his way.

Jason looked to his left and found the lube where he’d left it, on the nightstand.  He tried to reach for it, but his position made it impossible.  “I can’t reach,” he said, arm still stretched out.

Jack seemed to ignore him at first, but when he moved back up to his cock, he sat up and grabbed the lube.  He popped open the cap, and squirted lube onto his hand.  Jason reached out, asking for some.  With a long look, he poured a bit into his palm then tossed the tube aside.  Jason wrapped his lubed hand around Jack’s cock, smiling a little as he enjoyed the look on Jack’s face, then groaned and bit his lip when Jack passed two slick fingertips over his hole.  It was then that Jack locked eyes with him, keeping his gaze as he slid one finger inside, moved a bit, then slid in both.

“Don’t,” Jason said, but Jack bent his fingers and found the nub.

“Oh,” Jason gasped, intending to say ‘god’ or ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ or ‘Jack’ but words escaped him as his mouth dropped open and he threw his head back.

“There you are,” Jack said, and he kept playing with him, making him writhe.  It was fucking hot.  But Jason needed to stop touching him or this would be all over.  He swatted his hand away without removing the fingers of his right hand.  “Enough.”

“Yes,” Jason agreed, and reached down to pull Jack’s fingers away.

“Are you sure?”  Jack asked, a twisted smile at the corner of his mouth and tortured him some more.

“Fucking hell, Jack,” Jason said tightly.

Jack laid his hands on Jason’s thighs and paused, gaze still trained on his face.  “I’ll save tying you face down for another day,” he teased, making Jason groan at the thought.  He sat up and moved them around until they faced the headboard.  He then lay on top of him and brought their lips together for another long series of kisses.

Jason needed more and needed it now.  Pushing Jack off him, he turned over, amazed at the way his hands were shaking slightly when he grabbed the headboard.  He didn’t need to say a word, either, and he fully expected Jack to grab his hips and slide inside.  But Jack surprised the hell out of him by pushing his knees apart as he lay back on top of him.  Gently biting his shoulder, he wrapped his arms around him as he slid his cock back and forth over his ass.

He was teasing him mercilessly and Jason raised his ass, begging for entry.  When Jack continued, Jason dropped his head down, groaning.  It was then that Jack surprised him one more time.  He grabbed him by the throat with one hand while he positioned his cock with the other.  Jason felt his cock swell and he closed his eyes and gripped the headboard tightly, moaning as Jack slid his dick slowly inside.  “Yes,” he said, repeating the word over and over as Jack began to move.

The headboard creaked as Jack pushed his knees wider, forcing Jason to lift up.  The tightness was amazing, and surprising.  Jack was making him shudder repeatedly and he kept gasping while his cock moved slowly in and out of his ass.  Every part of him was wired and taut and it was intensified when Jack caressed his pecs, his abdomen, pinching his nipples and rolling the nubs between his fingers.  The tension mounted when Jack angled his hips and thrust in an undulating movement.  Jason felt the brush over his prostate and he gasped, “Jack,” and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Jason,” Jack said, loving the way Jason reacted to him.  He hadn’t expected to feel this way at all, or the way Jason responded.  Daniel had said he was attracted to him, but this was a lot more than that.  It had been a long time since he’d been with someone he wasn’t in love with, but this felt different.  He couldn’t explain it, either.  Something was definitely happening between them and it seemed impossible.  Perhaps it was simply because he hadn’t fucked a guy in a very long time.  Would topping Daniel be like this?  Or better?

Jason took a deep breath, intending to let go of the headboard and drop onto his stomach, pulling Jack down on top of him.  But he couldn’t move because he didn’t want to interrupt what Jack was doing to him.  The rhythm was amazing.  Still, he wanted to feel Jack’s cock inside him while he lay on his back.  He could still pin him down and put all of his weight on top of him.  He closed his eyes and whispered, “I want you on top of me.”

“I am on top of you,” Jack said with a grin.

“On my back,” Jason half-laughed.

Jack straightened and took hold of Jason’s waist, then thrust firmly and ground against him.  The gasp he elicited made him smile.  “Are you sure?”

Jason gasped, amazed at the presence of tingles in places he hadn’t felt with Daniel: behind his ears, on the soles of his feet.  “Okay, maybe not quite yet.”  Jack smiled and did it to him again and again.  “Jesus H. Christ,” Jason breathed.


.  .  .


The arousal was building, minute by minute.  From the moment Jack had left him, Daniel’s attention was no longer on getting breakfast ready.  It was on hold, and instead, a different hunger was demanding to be satisfied.  At first, he’d tried to ignore it, thinking that despite what he’d hinted to Jack, his lovers should be completely alone.  But after fifteen minutes, he couldn’t concentrate; knowing what they were doing was like a magnet, drawing him in.

He hovered in the hallway, listening, and somehow feeling because his nerves were tingling.  The sounds they made caused him to smile with smug pleasure.  For reasons he couldn’t fathom, something had told him this would work.  Perhaps it was some sort of subconscious reading of body language or perhaps something else, but whatever it was, Daniel’s intuition had been right.  Jack had only needed a gentle shove in the right direction.  Prodding Jason hadn’t taken much effort.  And now, Daniel wanted to join them.  The only question was the timing.  Stepping quietly into the bathroom, he pulled off his shirt and shrugged off his jeans, setting them on the counter.

Now that he was nude, his body felt more alive, connected with his lovers.  There was a moment where he imagined two pairs of hands on him and he took his dick in hand and leaned against the bathroom doorway and looked across the hall into the bedroom.  It was a forty-five degree angle to his left so the line of sight wasn’t direct, but he had an amazing view of Jack’s cock inside Jason.  The view of his ass as it thrust.  The way his muscles worked.  It was hot, the way Jason gripped the headboard.  The way their skin was shiny with sweat, muscles strained with tension.

Daniel moved to the hallway and leaned against the wall and watched his own private porn show.  Jack was fucking him slowly, maddeningly, and Jason’s panting and groaning was unbelievably hot.  Then things were ramped up a notch and Daniel had no intention on interrupting them.  There was just no way.

“Jack,” Jason begged.  It was clear begging.

Jack pulled out and flipped Jason over and without waiting, his cock temporarily hidden, he pinned Jason down by his hands and said, “Spread wide for me.”

“Yes,” Jason said.  He was staring up into Jack’s face but Daniel couldn’t really see his face.  Jack’s arm was in the way.

“Higher,” Jack ordered.  Holy crap.  Daniel resisted the urge to groan and squeezed his cock just a bit.

“Yes,” Jason said.  He raised his knees, his feet pointed outward and up.

“That’s it,” Jack said and he …

Daniel swallowed.  The only thing he could compare it to was spearing.  He speared him.  Deep, hard, and Jason loved it.  Jack wasn’t slow any more.  He pounded him and the slaps were muffled because he wasn’t pulling out too much on his thrusts.

“Hot,” Jack said.  “So damn hot.  Tell me.”

“Fuck me.”


“Hard.  Please.”

Daniel’s hand was moving quickly, pumping madly with little twists.  His knees were getting weak and he braced his feet against the carpet.  Soon, all needed were sounds and he closed his eyes.  The movement was hot as hell.  Their voices, their pants, their gasps and grunts and groans.  Jesus, it was so fucking hot.




Jason’s eyes widened, and he tried to arch but couldn’t as Jack rode his prostate with unerring torture.  He couldn’t hold back any longer.




Jack’s back and ass muscles were straining, but it was beautiful.  Jason was beautiful.  The way he bucked and writhed and made those high-pitched keening noises as his prostate was milked.  One long, maddening orgasm and he gripped Jack’s cock like vise but Jack kept fucking him hard and fast.  He wanted to cuss at him, be aggressive and brutal, but at the same time, he wanted to love him and watch him orgasm forever.  Beautiful.  Just …

Jack’s orgasm was a surprise.  His eyes widened and he shouted, “Oh fuck yeah!  Fuck yeah!”  He squeezed his ass cheeks and spasmed, his body shuddering as he poured out his seed in seemingly unending pulses.  “Oh god,” he croaked.

“Yes,” Jason said softly.  “God, yes, Jack.”




Daniel couldn’t help the groan and he didn’t stop the stream of semen either.  He just shot and shot and shot as his lovers reached their own climaxes.




Both Jack’s and Jason’s brows knotted as they heard someone else’s voice.  Daniel’s voice.  In that now-familiar groan of orgasm.  They grinned, knowing that Daniel had been watching.  Jack started to turn his head but Jason shook his and mouthed, “No, leave him.”  Jack’s responding grin was crooked and Jason yanked him down into a long kiss as he wrapped his legs around his waist.  When their cocks touched, a super-sensitive wave of twitches spread over them both and Jason loved it, refusing to let Jack go.  Eventually, though, his semen went cold and gooey and he made a face.  Jack chuckled and pulled out of him, making a mess as he did.  Jason groaned again.

“Guess another shower is in order,” Jack said.

“Come join me,” Jason said.  “Conserve water.”

Jack eyed him.  “Not just yet.  That damn thing is too small.”

Jason accepted the answer for what it was.

Daniel walked into the bedroom, eyes on them as they kissed.  “You two are fucking hot.”

“Yeah, so we heard,” Jason grinned.

Jack rolled off the bed.  “Next time, join us.”

“I will,” Daniel grinned.  He and Jason sighed as they watched Jack’s ass before the bathroom door closed behind him.

“You were right.”

“What?”  Daniel asked.

Jason turned to meet his gaze and reached up to caress his face.  “It worked between us.”

“You sound disappointed,” Daniel said, puzzled.

“I’m not.  Quite the opposite.  And I’ll want more.  Question is, will he?”

Daniel smiled gently at him and leaned over to kiss him.  “He will,” he said assuredly.  “I saw the look on his face when you came and when he came.  This wasn’t a one-off.”

“And the threesome?”  Jason asked as he rolled onto his side.  Daniel lay down beside him and Jason wrapped his arms around him.

“Later.  It’ll be hot.  Trust me.”

“Not a problem,” Jason answered, snuggling into him.  His dick rubbed against Daniel’s hip and he jerked a little with what he thought was leftover pleasure, until he felt the familiar swell of his dick.  He groaned and buried his face in Daniel’s neck.

“What?”  Daniel asked.

Another groan, then Jason said, his voice muffled, “My dick seems to approve of all of this, since it’s not going to sleep.”  Daniel bit his lip mischievously and reached down to gently take him in hand, but Jason redirected his hand.  “No, you don’t.  You can’t recover like I can.  Apparently.”  He winked at him.  “After all, isn’t this supposed to be a special day?”

Daniel was puzzled for a moment, then knotted his brows and groaned.  Jason smiled broadly and pushed Daniel onto his back.  Leaning over him, he whispered, “Just you wait.”

“What’re you planning?”

“Don’t know yet,” Jason grinned, “but Jack and I will figure it out.  Problem is, we’ll have to work around the others.”

“Others?”  Daniel frowned.

“What, you think Sam and Teal’c will just forget?”

Daniel groaned again and pulled the pillow over his face.  Jason tried to pull it off but Daniel put up a valiant effort.  He was just thinking about distraction tactics when Jack walked in, drying himself with a towel.

He stopped, staring at them, amused.  “Jason, you can’t kill him yet.  It’s still baby boy’s birthday.”

“Screw you,” Daniel shouted as he threw his pillow at him, but wasn’t upset, or even faking to be upset.  He wore a silly, satisfied smile and had a dreadful feeling that it wouldn’t be leaving for a while.  He may have hated his birthdays, but this one was breaking the curse.  It didn’t matter how the rest of the day went.  All he really wanted was right there in his bedroom and he felt like the luckiest man in the world.



This universe continues in the series, Trinity.


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