The Trinity Universe

It’s all about three hot guys

Once upon a time, back in 2002, as I watched Canon Daniel and Jack drift apart, I decided to write a story to correct that.  It turned into a 7-part series, “Visits.”  The premise was simple:

“Estranged from Jack’s friendship, Daniel finds companionship elsewhere.”  That person was Major Coburn, member of SG-2.  He may have been a Canon throwaway character, but I saw him in Maternal Instinct, then The First Ones, and I knew he was perfect.  The only problem was what his first name would be.  To make him seem more perfect in my head, I chose “Jason” because it means “Healer.”  And Daniel needed some healing.

So enter Jason into Visits 1, portrayed as Daniel’s best friend.  He offers his body & mind to Daniel, to start a relationship.  Neither knows where it’s going.  Then Jack sees them at a restaurant and it seems to awaken something in him.  And by the end of Visits, the three men have, at Daniel’s request, become a threesome.  The rest is history: The Trinity Universe, within which is Visits, Trinity, Trilogy, & Pyramid.



There is explicit sexual content in the Trinity Universe.  If it ain’t your thing, you’ll have to go elsewhere.  My apologies for the inconvenience.


Daniel Jackson

Linguist, SG-1

Jason Coburn

Major, SG-2

Jack O’Neill

Colonel, SG-1

Only Some of the Universe is Housed Here

I’m not going to put all of the Universe here.  The reason is simple: I would like to replace most of it.  Many chapters are put out as porn with a plot.  A thin plot most of the time.  But I built their relationship on it so I won’t ever delete the chapters.  From now on, only Pyramid chapters and the changed chapters of Trinity will appear here.  The regular versions of Visits, Trinity, and Trilogy series will remain on Archive of Our Own.



Pyramid’s purpose is to round out the series with a set of 10 Parts, each with multiple chapters.  The difference between Trilogy & Pyramid is that Jack finally gets powers (he doesn’t want) and SG-1 is given a ship by the Fae Queen, Morrighan.

And so the story continues.

Pyramid One: (complete)

Pyramid Two: In progress.



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