In the Rough

Summary:  Jack’s earlier visit with Daniel causes the new couple some problems.
Note: Quote is from The Go Gos.


Head over heels, where should I go?
Can’t stop myself, out of control
Head over heels, no time to think
Looks like the whole world’s out of sync


Daniel threw on his old blue sweatpants and a grey t-shirt and retrieved the bowl of popcorn he’d made earlier before settling comfortably on the sofa.  Propping his feet on the coffee table, he turned on the video in the VCR just when the phone rang.  It was a few minutes past 11 p.m., so it had to be Jason.  It had better not be Jack.  Reaching over the back of the couch, he picked up the portable phone from the bureau.


“Hello, gorgeous,” Jason drawled in a hushed voice that sent a lovely chill down Daniel’s spine.  “What’re you wearing?”

Daniel smiled and lowered his voice.  “Nothing.”

“Mind if I join you?”

“I insist.”

Jason’s soft laugh sent another tingle down the spine.  “I’m on my way over.”

“How’d it go?”

“Fine so far, but the kid’s taking his time.  I’ll know more later.”

“Okay.  See you soon.”

Daniel hung up, a giddy desire filling him.  It wasn’t that he didn’t want Jason with his sister, but he also knew that Jason wasn’t too happy with his brother-in-law.  There’d be tension at the hospital with Jason glowering at the man and that wouldn’t be good for Lysa or her baby.  Plus Daniel had to admit that he wanted Jason with him for his own selfish reasons.

He froze, his hand on his way to his mouth to pop in a piece of popcorn.  And he kinda sort of needed to tell Jason what happened with Jack.  That wasn’t going to be a fun conversation.  Jason hated him.  Well, maybe hate was too strong a word.  Sighing, he settled into the sofa and absently munched on the popcorn, thinking about Jason and how much had happened and been so easily accepted.  It surprised him just how easily their relationship had gone from platonic to romantic, as if they were meant to be.  Despite his mixed-up feelings for Jack, it was Jason who held his devotion and after their long friendship, it almost seemed surreal.  How could he have been so blind all this time?  And why did it take something bad to create something so good?  Daniel thought of Jack, his visit, and the anger and apprehension it had caused.  Jack’s turn-around was something he never would have expected, and he thought he should be happy about it.  But it came because of one reason:  Jack saw him with someone else.  That pissed him off.  He let out a slow breath, hoping that one day soon he’d be able to look at Jack and feel only love.

The movie was no longer interesting, but he left it playing while his attention turned to the thoughts of things he wanted to do to Jason.  With Jason.  He thought of kissing him, biting him, making him hitch his breath.  Then came the thought of what his day-old stubble would do, if Jason hadn’t shaved.  He may not have been able to, but Daniel knew one of them had to.  Mild sand-papery abrasion was sexy, but whisker burns weren’t.

Rubbing at his face, he made his way to the bathroom.  He examined himself in the mirror and frowned at the sideburns.  It was past time for those to go.  Giving his face and hands a quick wash, he chose the blade instead of the electric shaver and carefully groomed his face.  Twenty minutes later, he was finished and turned his face left, then right, examining the result.  With a satisfied nod, he dried his face and returned to the living room.

He was about to sit when there came a knock on the door.  Pausing before the door, he reached down and palmed himself, feeling the swelling interest begin.  When he opened the door, the sight of Jason caused a rush of desire, especially given the way the man looked at him.

“Hey,” Jason said, a small frown on his face that Daniel recognized as puzzled scrutiny.  He knew something was different, but it hadn’t hit him yet.

“Hey,” Daniel answered as he turned away and purposely returned to the couch, feet back on the table.  While Jason took off his coat and hung it on one of the large hooks next to the door, Daniel tried not to grin as he waited for the realization to hit him.  When he came around to the couch, he stepped between Daniel’s legs and stopped, staring down at him.  He turned his head slightly to the left while he kept his eyes on him.  It was a typical mannerism.

“You shaved,” Jason said, an egotistical grin slowly spreading.

Daniel dropped his head back on the cushion, keeping his gaze.  “Your powers of observation are outstanding.”

Jason grinned.  “You also took off the sideburns.”

“Observant as ever,” Daniel grinned back.

“I’ve never seen you without them,” Jason said, frowning as he thought that through.  “Nope.  But they were a lot shorter two and a half years ago.”

He was assessing, Daniel thought, and judging from the look on his lover’s face, he wasn’t yet giving away his opinion.  “And?” Daniel prodded, feeling the need for approval.

“I like it,” Jason said, the smile a tease.  He lifted his chin, regarding him more fully, then bent over and grinned mischievously.  “I thought you said you weren’t wearing anything.”  He kissed him slowly but chastely, but then licked his lips.  Popcorn.  “Mmm.”  He kissed him harder, seeking out Daniel’s tongue.

Daniel ran his hands up Jason’s back and pulled, forcing him to lose his balance and drop on top of him.  Breaking the kiss, he murmured, “I can’t answer the door nude.”

Jason laughed against his mouth as he maneuvered lengthwise on the couch, following Daniel’s lead.  Settling over him, he said between kisses, “I would’ve gotten jealous anyway.”

Daniel was surprised by the satisfied feeling that gave him; he wasn’t tolerant of jealousy.  “Jealous of what exactly?”

“Showing others what they can’t have,” Jason said as he guided Daniel’s hand to the crotch of his jeans and pressed down, demanding caress.

Daniel moved his fingers, feeling a nice firm outline through the fabric.  “I was nude earlier, does that count?”

Jason grumbled low in his throat as Daniel slid his fingers back and forth.  “Only if it was after Jack left.”

“It was,” Daniel said.

Jason detected a tone there and he propped himself up on his elbows, giving Daniel room to get his pants open.  “Wanna tell me how it went?”

Daniel flicked the buttons loose and slid his hands under the waistband of Jason’s jeans, his briefs, and pushed them over his ass.  “Right now?” he asked as he took his lover’s dick in hand, stroking slowly.

Jason bit his lip and moaned, losing track of what his own hands were doing under his lover’s shirt.  “Sex, yes, interrogation, no.”

“You can interrogate me all you like,” Daniel teased.  With his free hand, he quickly pushed his sweats down, wriggling underneath Jason’s legs.  Frustrated that things weren’t progressing as fast as he’d like, he let go of Jason’s cock and pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the floor.  Jason took that moment to push off and quickly strip off his clothes, and the moment he was completely nude, with his cock standing at perfect attention, Daniel couldn’t resist the inviting target.  He sat up and took Jason’s cock in hand before Jason could do anything else, then wrapped his lips around the head and sucked.

Jason jerked his hips from the sudden onslaught of pleasure and closed his eyes, threading his fingers through Daniel’s hair.  “Oh god, yes,” he whispered, trying to hold back the motion of his hips against that busy mouth.

Daniel drew back with one long suck before he let Jason’s cock drop.  “I want you to fuck me,” he breathed.

Jason opened his eyes and stared down at him, swallowing when Daniel lay back, spreading his legs.  “How bad?” he had the nerve to ask.  His muscles were practically screaming for action, to jump on top of him.

“Bad,” Daniel said, reaching for him.

That was all Jason needed.  He groaned and fell on top of him, hands caressing everything they came into contact with.  “Where’s the lube?” he asked as his kissed over Daniel’s throat.


Jason growled and retrieved the lube as fast as he could, making Daniel grin.  When he returned to kneeling between Daniel’s legs, he asked, “Do you want a lot of foreplay?”

“Do I look like I even want foreplay?” Daniel asked breathlessly as he raised his knees.  “I need to feel your cock inside me.”

Jason swallowed.  “Oh hell.  I, uh, have to ask.  This doesn’t have anything to do with Jack, does it?”

Daniel stopped moving and frowned up at him.  “What makes you think that?”  He pushed up on his elbows, staring at him.  “For fuck’s sake, Jason.  I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Jason shook his head, as if to clear it.  “No, of course not.  I just … you know how you can inadvertently get horny after being around someone … well, as hot as him?”

“Oh,” Daniel said.  “Yeah, I see what you mean.  Well … yes.  But I’m thinking of you here, not him.”

“I can’t help but think of him.  He was here.”  He squirted some lube on his fingers and raised an eyebrow.  Daniel nodded and he reached down to rub the stuff over his hole.  “I’ve fantasized about him.”

Daniel blinked in shock.  “You have?”

“Yeah, but it was about having rough and angry sex, wanting to see Jack cave in to his desire for cock.”

“Wow.”  He frowned a little, thinking about it.  “Actually, that sounds kinda hot.”

“It does?” Jason asked, his turn to be shocked.

“And right now, I think it would be hot as hell to have both of you.  At the same time.”

Jason’s brow went up and a crooked grin spread over his face.  “Really?”  He reached down and slipped a finger into Daniel’s body and hooked it.  Daniel’s eyes went wide and he threw his head back.  “Wanna tell me more?”

“Uhn,” Daniel said incoherently.  He bit his lip as Jason teased him.

“You want him to do exactly what I’m doing, don’t you?” Jason teased further.

“What?” Daniel asked, and he pushed up, concerned, but saw the hot look on Jason’s face.  “No.  But I’ll just bet you do.  Show me what you want him to do.”

Jason breathed out a groan and nodded, then withdrew his fingers and squirted more lube onto Daniel’s hole, his cock.  As he rubbed his cockhead against his opening, he paused.  Daniel pulled at him and it made Jason ache all over to resist.  When Daniel stopped moving and waited expectantly, Jason chose that moment to push forcefully inside.  He’d guessed that maybe Daniel wanted it that way and the way his lover groaned and threw his head confirmed it.  Relieved and happy he’d pleased him, Jason took his legs in his arms and leaned over him.  “This,” he whispered against his ear and thrust in hard.

“Jason,” Daniel gasped.  “Shut up and just do it.”

Jason swallowed.  It was a safe fantasy, one he could do because it pleased his lover.  He bent over and pushed Daniel’s knees to his chest and turned his thrusts rough and hard.  Daniel growled deep inside his throat and drew his nails down Jason’s back, making Jason pump harder, eliciting a demand for more.  With that, he fucked Daniel faster as reached down and began to jerk him off in time with his thrusts.

“Yes,” Daniel said, the word muffled and drowned as Jason kissed him roughly.  Turning his head and pulling from the kiss, he reached up and took handfuls of Jason’s hair, pulling.  “Fuck me, dammit!”

“Beautiful,” Jason whispered.  He abandoned himself and let loose.  For long, endlessly good minutes, he plowed into him until he felt the tightness around his cock.

“Oh shit,” Daniel growled and jerked off quickly.  “Jason,” he grunted, and came.

Watching it was what Jason himself needed and he tensed and jerked against him in a wave of blinding pleasure.  Eyes closed, moans coming from his throat, he felt Daniel’s hands on his nipples, pinching them as he came.  “Daniel,” he whispered.

“Yes,” Daniel said, then pulled Jason down for a deep kiss.

They held each other through the few minutes of afterglow, then Jason eased out and stood up, taking Daniel’s hand, and hauling him up with him.  “Shower.”

Daniel looked down and rubbed his belly.  “I think so.” Looking at the couch, and the wet spot there, he cringed.  “Glad it’s not leather.”

Jason grinned and took his hand, leading him around the couch.  “Leather’s easier to clean.  Trust me.  Leather pants, not so much.”

Daniel raised his brows as he followed him.  “You like wearing leather?”

Jason threw a wicked smile over his shoulder.  “Usually as a costume.”

“Costume?” Daniel asked as they entered the bathroom.  “As in Halloween?”

Jason nodded.  “The SGC charity ball later this year would be a perfect time to show you.”

Daniel had an image in his head as he turned on the shower.  When he stepped into the tub and Jason joined him, he said, “We definitely need a walk-in shower.”

Jason looked around at the walls.  “You’ve the room to renovate.”

Daniel snorted as he wet himself down.

“Why not?” Jason asked, taking his turn.  “I know you have the money saved.”

“Just not the time.”

“Contractors, Daniel.  Hire the work out.  You could always take leave and supervise, and I could help.”

Daniel blinked away the water to look into his lover’s eyes, then put his arms around Jason neck and kissed him.  “I could.  But contractors need to be monitored.  I’m not leaving them with access to my house while I’m offworld.”

“You have a point,” Jason said absently as he caressed him with bath gel.

“I think we should actually try to get clean,” Daniel grinned.

“Probably,” Jason said, washing his back.  When he was through, Daniel turned and did the same on Jason’s chest.  Jason hummed appreciatively.  “I think I like cleaning this way better.”

Daniel nodded slowly, thinking of the sex they’d just had.  “I liked what you did,” he said, gesturing in the direction of the living room.  “But I’m wondering if we should have.”

Jason sighed.  “I had a feeling.  I know he got you wound up, so I figured you needed an outlet, an excuse, and–”

Daniel shoved gently against Jason’s chest, but the look on his face was far from gentle.  “You’re not an excuse, Jason.  Ever.”

“I know,” Jason said, swallowing as he soaped his hair and rinsed.  When it was Daniel’s turn, he got a curious look.  “I know,” he repeated.

“But?” Daniel asked worriedly.

“I know how you feel about him, despite all that’s happened.  I have no intention of ignoring it or trying to make you forget about him.  There’d be no respect or trust if I tried that shit.”

Daniel felt heat color his cheeks and he cleared his throat.  He’d like to lie to Jason, to himself, but he knew better–and so did Jason.  “I appreciate that,” he said, swallowing again.  “But you have to know that what we did?  It was just a kink, Jace.  I don’t want you thinking—”  He tipped his head back and rinsed.  “That I was thinking of him while you fucked me.”

Again, Jason swallowed.  “Good to know.”

“Hey,” Daniel said, making Jason pause as he soaped his cock.  “You’re not being replaced, Jason.  Ever.  That’s not how this works for me.”

“This?” Jason asked, feeling relief flood him.  “Us?”

“Yes, and a relationship in general.  I don’t pull that stuff.  Use people as stand-ins.”

Jason sighed.  “Wanna tell me what happened?”

Daniel ducked under the water to rinse off, mostly because he needed a moment.  “He came to apologize,” he finally said as water cascaded down his face.

Jason felt his anger rising and tried desperately not to assume that Daniel had forgiven him.  He failed.  “Please tell me you didn’t.”

The change of tone in Jason’s voice alerted Daniel that something was wrong, and he quickly wiped at his eyes to look at him.  Jason looked mad and it, in turn, fired up Daniel’s anger.  “What the hell’s the matter with you?  I gave him a chance to explain himself, that’s all.”  Daniel pushed at him.  “He mostly failed the test.  And I’m mad.  Happy?”

Jason stepped out of the shower.  “No.  But it’s not …”  He grabbed a towel off the rack and stopped talking.  He knew he’d snap and start an argument and all he wanted right then was for tempers to cool.

Daniel grit his teeth as he rinsed himself off, then stepped out and grabbed the other towel.  He knew Jason was pissed off; his silence told him that.  They were very alike that way and the bathroom was filled with soundless tension as they quickly finished.  Daniel headed into the living room, leaving Jason behind him.  He half-hoped he followed him, but he also didn’t want Jason to speak, not yet.  He needed to gather his thoughts, defend his argument–because as sure as he loved Jason, he also knew an argument was inevitable.  Jason was very overprotective of him where Jack was concerned.  And maybe he had a right to be.

Jason walked down the hallway, watching Daniel dress, and knew enough not to say anything yet.  He didn’t want to fight, dammit, and he shaded his eyes as he leaned against the wall.  When he heard Daniel move into the kitchen, he headed for his clothes, purposely thinking of stuff he had waiting for him at the apartment.  Laundry, vacuuming, tedious domestic shit.

Jeans buttoned, he pulled on his shirt, then his socks and boots.  He looked in the direction of the kitchen but was unable to see what Daniel was doing.  He wondered if he was avoiding him.  Maybe he wanted him to leave?  Jason swallowed, thinking it would probably be best.  He really didn’t want to argue and nearly convinced himself that he was overreacting.  He grabbed his coat off the rack and pulled the door ajar.

“I should probably go,” he called out.

Daniel came out of the kitchen, his eyes wide with surprise.  He stared at Jason, hard, then his eyes flashed with anger as he walked toward him.  “You’re going to run out in the middle of a fight?  That’s mature.”

Jason blinked at him.  “I want to avoid a fight, Daniel.”

Daniel barked out a short, derisive laugh.  “It’s too late, Jason.  We’re already fighting.  You’re mad at me, and I’m mad at you because you’re mad at me.”

Jason sighed and briefly looked at the ceiling.  “So wouldn’t it be better if I left so we could cool off?”

“Nothing would get solved, would it?” Daniel asked, coming closer.  He took the coat out of Jason’s hand and closed the door with his hip.  Hanging the coat back up, he took his hands and sighed as he stared into those lovely brown eyes.  It made him ache to know that there was anger there, directed at him.  “Okay, listen.  I know that things get solved better when tempers cool down, but I don’t see how, in this situation, you’re leaving will do any good.  We need to talk about his visit and what did and didn’t happen.”

Jason sighed heavily.  “Fine,” he said, and gestured at the kitchen.  “Mind if we drink?”

Daniel eyed him, then let Jason go and turned for the kitchen.  “Beer or whiskey?”

“Beer’s fine.”

In the kitchen, Daniel asked, “What got into your head that you should leave?”

Jason frowned in confusion as he leaned against the kitchen table.  “Daniel, I just told you that.”

“Something made you think you had to leave,” Daniel said as he held out the bottle of beer.  He returned to the counter and started fixing himself a whiskey.  “What was it?” He looked over at him as he placed the ice tray back in the freezer.

“I didn’t want to fight,” Jason said.  “I mean, escalate it.”

“Because you’re mad at me for listening to him.  Would you like me to tell you what really happened before you jump off that cliff of conclusions?”

“It isn’t that.  When I was dressing … I couldn’t see you from the living room.  There wasn’t any sound coming from the kitchen and I thought that maybe you were avoiding me.  So I figured I’d have to give you space.”

Daniel sighed, and though he wasn’t mad anymore, he was still feeling the edge of it.  “Then listen to what I have to say and don’t assume I just up and forgave him.”

Jason cringed.  “I’m sorry.  It’s just … you love him.  I know you want to forgive him.”

“He told me he loved me,” Daniel said.

Jason’s face drained of blood.  “What?”

“He apologized, but only after a fashion.  He kept saying indirectly how he loved me and that the reason he distanced himself was because he cared about me.  How he couldn’t risk caring about me because he had to make all these life and death decisions.”

“I hope you told him he was full of shit.”

“Duh,” Daniel said, and grew annoyed when Jason visibly relaxed.  “Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

Jason turned around and sat down in a dining table chair.  He ground his jaw again as he closed his eyes.  “I know how much you hate what’s happened between you two.  Because when there’s conflict, you always go out of your way to fix it.  Present situation included.” He turned fully toward him then and sighed deeply.  “And because you have this tendency to ignore the insults, slights, and disrespect thrown at you in order to make things right.”

Daniel shook his head.  “I only do that when it comes to bigger stakes, Jason.” He paused, then added with a grim smile, “Such as trying to keep miscommunication to a minimum.”

Jason knew he didn’t just mean aliens or the NID.  “But Jack didn’t even give you that.”

“No.  But I’ll tell you why I sort of listened, Jason, and I need you to hear me and not judge, okay?”

Jason took another deep breath and quickly stomped on the urge to argue.  “Okay.”

Daniel went over and turned a chair out to face him as he sat down.  “I’ve had time to think about this, so this isn’t about what we said to the other.  So.  Think about what coming over here meant,” he said carefully, and when Jason rolled his eyes, he waved a finger at him.  “No, think about it.  It is so not like Jack to just up and apologize for anything he does.  For fuck’s sake, he didn’t even do that directly until I forced him to.  So, think about this.  He came over.  Do you have any idea what caused him to do that?”

Jason snorted with heavy smugness.  “Seeing you happy and with someone else.”

“Exactly.  I got mad,” Daniel sighed and laid a hand over Jason’s diaphragm.  “Consider who we’re talking about here.  The king of repression.”

Jason narrowed his eyes.  “Yes.  But in my biased opinion, he only apologized because he felt jealous and possessive that someone else won you before he allowed himself to even consider going there.  There’s no mystery, Daniel.  Why you would even consider forgiving him is the goddamn mystery and–”

“Goddamn it, Jason,” Daniel said, anger rising again.  “I haven’t forgiven him,” he said emphatically, and he couldn’t help but feel satisfaction at the way different emotions danced over Jason’s face before settling on confusion.  “I’m open to forgiving him,” he went on, speaking more quickly when Jason frowned at him.  “If he regains my trust.  Right now, it’s not there.”  Jason’s confused anger started to blur into puzzlement, which Daniel found equally satisfying.  The man was finally listening and not jumping to wild conclusions.  “I won’t easily forgive someone I’ve lost my trust in, Jason.  They have to earn it back.  I made that clear to Jack and he’s actually willing to try.”

“I apologize,” Jason said slowly.  “I was wrong.  It’s just that he drives me crazy and so do you.”

“Listen to me,” Daniel said.  “I love you.  And I will never leave you.  However, I—”

“What?” Jason exclaimed.  “However?  There’s a however?”

“No.  I meant …”  Daniel sighed.  “I told Jack that if it didn’t work out between us, and there’s no reason to assume that, that it would happen because we just didn’t think it would work and not—”  He grabbed Jason’s hands and squeezed to make him listen.  “Not because of any meddling on his part.”

Jason frowned at him, forcing down the hope that had tried to assert itself.  “So … you thought he’d try to get between us, is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes.  But what I didn’t tell him, because frankly, it wasn’t his business, was that I have no intention of breaking up with you for any reason.  If you leave me, for whatever reason, it’ll be because you decided, not me.”

“You think I’ll leave?” Jason asked.

Daniel sighed.  “If you thought I loved Jack more than you, yes.  You’ll leave.”  Daniel grabbed him by the back of the neck.  “I’ll warn you now.  You do that and I’ll kick your ass.”

“You …”  Jason stared at him and his anger abruptly vanished.  “Um.  Okay.  Then.”  He frowned and said.  “But Daniel, you love him.  If you tell me you don’t, you’re lying.”

“Yes,” Daniel sighed.  “I’d be lying.  And I’m mad at him.  I mean, really mad.”

“And when you aren’t, you’re in love.  That’s why I didn’t—”

Daniel raised a finger.  “Don’t start that again.  For a confident man, you have a serious problem when it comes to Jack.”

“I have a self-esteem issue when it comes to … measuring up against him.”

“Jace,” Daniel sighed.  “Can you give it the boot?  Please?”  Jason sighed heavily, then nodded.  “Okay, good.  Now, I want to float something past you and if you get mad, I really will hit you.”

Jason scowled.  “That’s not a rational—”


“Fine.  Out with it.”

“If, and I say, IF, Jack straightens his shit out, and he wants to see me, I’m willing.”  Jason started to open his mouth, brows already knotting into a scowl, but Daniel clapped a hand over his mouth.  “Then I’d have to get your permission.”

Jason blinked as Daniel took his hand away.  “Wait.  What?”  He scowled with disbelief.  “Are you saying you want both of us?”

“Um …”  Daniel blushed a bit.  “Yeah.  I am.  But it all depends on you.  And if he gets his head out of his ass, on Jack, too.”

Jason couldn’t even find the words to express how truly weird that was.  “Explain,” was all he could say.

“A long time ago, I had a poly relationship with two people.  The only difference between now and then was that there wasn’t any feeling of commitment.  This time, there would be.  Might be.  I don’t want to lose you, Jason.  And … well, I’d like to …”

“Boy, are you a spoiled brat,” Jason said, laughing.

“Uh, what?” Daniel said, losing his train of thought.

“You want both of us, so naturally, we should just get in line with it.”

“I didn’t say that,” Daniel said, throwing up his hands and sitting back.

Jason stared back at him, frowning with doubt.  He understood what Daniel was saying but he’d just never heard of such a thing.  Still, if keeping him in his bed meant sharing him … “I don’t know.  Hell, I don’t think Jack would go along with it, either.”

“You’re don’t want to consider …”  Daniel stared at him, then remembered his accusation.  “Uh.  Yeah.  I guess I am a spoiled brat.”

“I can’t help it,” Jason said.  “You have really floored me, Daniel.  If I don’t agree, then what?  You’ll leave?”

Daniel frowned at him.  “What the fuck have I been telling you over the last hour?”  Jason sighed.  “No, I won’t leave.  God, you’re being stubborn.  Do you think that little about my fidelity?  Are you aching to break up before you think I’ll leave?  Is that what’s happening here?”

“No!” Jason said, protesting.  “I love you.  I believe you love me.  I don’t believe you’re an asshole about it all, either.”

“Then what the fuck, Jason?  I tell you what I’d wish, and you think I’ll just leave if you say no?  It kinda sounds like you have little faith in me.  It also kinda sounds like you’re breaking up with me before we’ve even gotten anywhere.”

“I’m not.”


“You hit me with a threesome, Daniel.”  Jason blinked, thinking about what he just said.  And … his mouth fell open as he thought about it.  “Oh.”

“There,” Daniel said, gesturing at him.  “You finally get it.  If he says no, then it’s just us.” He waited patiently, but his nerves were on edge.  He’d just taken that walk off the proverbial cliff, but he’d done it because he had a feeling that Jason would be okay about it … well, once he got used to the idea.  The rest… well, Daniel would get to that when that came.

“I…” Jason shook his head.  “I don’t get it.  I mean, I do, but … I just …”

“Haven’t you ever been in love with two people?”

Jason raised his brows in shocked surprise.  “In love?” he asked, feeling silly.  “You’re in love with me?”  Daniel cuffed him upside the head.  “Hey!”

“In love with you?  Oh hell no.  No, of course not, Jason.  How could I possibly—” Daniel began, his voice heavy with sarcasm.

“Shut up,” Jason said as he pushed at him, grinning like an idiot.

“You crack me up, Jace,” Daniel said with a small shake of his head.  “So.  Think about it, okay?”

Jason hesitated, then said with bit of apprehension, “Uh, I’m game, Daniel, but I don’t know how this sort of thing is supposed to work.  As for Jack … well …”  He suddenly felt very warm when he imagined being in bed with Jack.  Or on the couch.  Whatever.

Daniel could only smile at him.  Jason was willing.  One step at a time.  “Okay.  And I don’t know how this is supposed to go, either, but I’ll work it out.”  He pulled him in for a hug, rubbing his back.  “We will.”

Jason sighed, the breath puffing against Daniel’s neck.  “We will.”

Daniel squeezed him, pleased.  “Thank you.”

“For what?” Jason said, feeling embarrassed.  “I love you.  I’m in love with you.”  At the grin on Daniel’s face, he felt his anger fade.  The doubt and worry would take a bit longer, if they ever left at all.  “You know I’d do anything for you, you shit.”

Daniel laughed and kissed him quickly.  “Goes both ways, you know.”

Jason didn’t doubt that one bit, except where Jack was involved.  “I know.  And to answer your question, I’ve loved more than one person, but I’ve never thought of having my cake and eating it, too.”  Daniel grinned at him lovingly and it made Jason sigh.  He palmed his face while ordering himself to dismiss the worry and doubt for the time being.  “So, back to the original issue.  What was the outcome of Jack’s visit?”

“Getting our friendship back on track.  If I could learn to trust him again, meaning that I could be sure he wouldn’t abandon me again, then we would see if a relationship was possible.  And I do mean ‘if.’  Jack’s a maverick but sometimes he goes a bit too contrary.  If he decides he won’t risk a relationship, then that’s that.”

Jason grinned at him, feeling perversely smug.  “He’ll regret it.”

Daniel nodded with a grin.  “So, now that that’s taken care of, tell me about Lysa.”

Jason picked up his beer and drank long from it.  Letting out a sigh and a small burp, he said, “Everything was going about as well as you could expect.  I let her nearly break my hand every time those goddamn contractions started.”  He paused, shaking his head.  “I’ve always been in awe of my sister’s strength, though there were times when I doubted her sanity, marrying that piece of…”  Daniel gave him a sympathetic look and Jason snorted softly.  “Anyway, watching her go through that made me respect her, admire her, even more.  Finally Mr. Dickhead decided to show up for the birth of his own kid.  Suddenly I was in the way.  Lysa told me go, that she’d call me later, and Dickhead certainly looked relieved, probably grateful I didn’t bash his head…”  He paused, puzzled, because Daniel was chuckling.  “What’s funny?”

Daniel shook his head apologetically.  “Sorry, but it’s just that you always call him that.  You remind me of Endora from Bewitched.”

Jason rolled his eyes.  “It’d be perfect if his name was Darren.”  As Daniel grinned at that, Jason shrugged and continued.  “So I left before she had the baby.”  He took another long drink from the bottle, then burped again.  “You know, when she’s back to feeling fit, I’m gonna have to smack her for not letting me beat the shit out of Derwood.”

“Jason,” Daniel said admonishingly.

“What?” Jason said defensively.  “You know about our sparring matches, how tall and fit and skilled she is.  You may not have met her in person, but trust me, the woman doesn’t pull her punches, in or out of the dojo.”

“I know,” Daniel said as he remembered a bruise on Jason’s thigh last summer.  “One day, you’ll have to take me to meet her, so I’ll have a proper picture in my head the next time you come to see me sporting a few large bruises.”

Jason grinned teasingly as he absently rubbed the side of his thigh, the site of his last bruise from his sister.  “You’re being protective.  That’s so sweet.”

Daniel lifted his chin, narrowing his eyes.  “Not really.  She’s not the only one who doesn’t pull punches.”

Jason smirked at him.  “Now, see, if you’d move when I tell you…”

Daniel kicked his foot.  “If you allow me to move, I would.  You’re as bad as Teal’c.”

Jason chuckled.  “Speaking of, I asked him to come down to the gym next week so we could run some classes, teach others.  I just hope he doesn’t embarrass me too much in front of the students.”

Daniel smirked at him.  “Forget it.  You’re doomed.  He embarrasses me all the time.  Says a warrior is not afraid to learn.”

“He’s right,” Jason said and they both laughed.

Daniel drained his glass and after putting it in the sink, turned and saw a small frown on Jason’s face as he looked at his beer bottle.  “What’s on your mind?”

Jason looked up, surprised.  “What?”

“You were frowning.  What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Jason quickly said.  “I was just thinking about Jack.”

“Oh not again, Jason.”

“No, no, nothing like that.”

“Oh.  So?” Daniel asked as he returned to him.  He glanced up on the wall and discovered it was just after 1 a.m.  That, combined with Jack’s visit and the tense argument with Jason, probably explained the reason for how tired he felt.

“If he meant what he said, then when we get back to work, things should be a lot easier.  For you two to work together, I mean.”

“I think he meant it,” Daniel said as he thought about it for a moment, then yawned.  “But as I said, time will tell.  Let’s get some sleep.  When we’ve rested, thing’s should look better.”

“Probably,” Jason said, and hoped that it was true.


. .


Sometime just after 4 a.m., Daniel woke up abruptly, feeling an undefined panic.  He hadn’t been dreaming anything bad.  That damn Goa’uld nightmare hadn’t resurfaced so it had to be something else.  He listened carefully but could hear nothing but Jason’s deep breathing.  His lover was spooned behind him, an arm draped over his waist, and Daniel hugged it against him as he settled back into his warmth and fell back to sleep.


. .


He was in the Goa’uld chamber.  They were surrounding him while they viciously ate the symbiotes from the vat.  Ba’al’s Loh’tar was nearby, chanting about wanting to become a ‘god’, telling Daniel, not Jarren, that if he wasn’t with them, he was against them.  When Ba’al, Yu, and Svarog drooled at him, he felt a darkness fill him; it was fear mixed with desire, especially when Osiris, wearing Sarah’s face, leered at him with a perverse sexual hunger.  Bits of symbiote were stuck in her fingers like chicken at a barbecue as she discarded the carcass across the floor.

“You will join us, Daniel Jackson, of your own free will, or we will tear you limb from limb.”  She grabbed a fresh, screeching symbiote from the vat and walked toward him as arms suddenly held Daniel in place, preventing him from escaping.  He tried to fight, but they were too strong.  The kicks he landed weren’t inflicting any harm.  Osiris held the snake inches from his face and threatened him in the same tone she used when she’d threatened to slit his throat.  “If you will not yield to us, we will take.”

Daniel tried to avoid the symbiote, clamping his mouth shut, whipping his head from side to side, but they were getting stronger and he could feel the ache of his jaw loosening.  Then Osiris leered with ecstasy.  “This will be so sweet,” she hissed, and the others grabbed his head and forced his jaw open.  The Loh’tar was chanting again, this time with an orgasmic, “yes.”  The other Loh’tars joined in, making the chamber deafening.  Just when the screeching symbiote reached his mouth…


Daniel sat up in bed, heart pounding, breath ragged.  He gripped the bed covers and felt a thin layer of sweat run down his throat and between his pecs.  He looked immediately to his right and discovered with relief that Jason hadn’t awakened.  Wiping the sweat off his brow with the heel of his hand, Daniel climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom.  Closing the door, he turned on the water and wet down a washcloth, then proceeded to try and calm himself with the cool water.

He was so tired of that nightmare.  If it didn’t fade soon, it would affect his work because of the disrupted sleep.  Drying off his face, he shut the water off, relieved himself, then returned to bed.  Unfortunately, Jason was no longer asleep.

He’d woken up to the movement of the bed as Daniel had left it, suspecting a nightmare.  From the look on Daniel’s face, he was right.  He slowly pushed up on one arm as Daniel lay down, facing away from him.  “Baal again?”

“All of them,” Daniel sighed and turned toward him.  “How’d you know?”

“I woke up when you left.”


“For what?” Jason frowned, pulling Daniel down beside him as he lay back down.  “I’m a light sleeper, you know that.”

“And that’s why I don’t like waking you.”

Jason rolled his eyes and pulled Daniel close and stroking his hair, his back.  “Maybe you don’t like me knowing you had a nightmare.  I’ve had bad ones, too, Daniel.”

“I know.”

“Wanna tell me about it?”

Daniel took a long breath, then shook his head.  “It’s like before.  If I won’t join them, they’ll force it on me.”  Despite not wanting to, he quickly recounted the dream.  He looked at Jason, assessing something familiar, then it dawned on him and he gave him a small grin.  “You’re just like Jack use to be when I’d have a nightmare offworld.”

Jason raised his brows in surprise.  He knew what Daniel was talking about, though.  Jack had sometimes helped him through his nightmares, but back then, they’d been about Shau’re and Jack had been there as a friend.  Selfishly, Jason wished he had been the one to comfort him.  Part of him was glad that Jack would be there for him again, but Jason hoped it wouldn’t be necessary, nightmare-wise.

“You’re worrying again,” Daniel murmured, rubbing his head against Jason’s hand like a cat that wants the caresses to return.

“Just remembering when Jack used to help you through your nightmares once upon a time.”

“Yeah, but he never ran his fingers through my hair.” Jason kissed the top of his forehead, making him smile.  “But also like you, he’s a light sleeper.” Jason nuzzled his stubbled cheek against Daniel’s smooth one and the added caress helped to soothe.

“Feeling better?”

“Kinda.  At least I didn’t scream and scare the crap out of you.”

“Do you want to talk some more or try to get back to sleep?” Jason asked, pulling back slightly to look at him as he continued to thread his fingers through Daniel’s hair.

“I don’t think more talking is necessary,” Daniel answered.  He closed his eyes and snuggled up against him, feeling secure against his warmth and the regular sound of his breathing.  He was asleep before he realized it.


. . .


It was mid-morning when Daniel awoke again.  The first thing he was aware of was warm skin against his own.  He’d turned away from Jason during the night, so he rolled over and found him on his back.  Awake, staring at the ceiling.  He smiled and stretched with a groan, laying an arm across Jason, and Jason looked over, a thoughtful look on his face.

“Hey,” Daniel greeted sleepily.

“Hey yourself,” Jason replied back.

“Been awake long?” Daniel asked as he pulled forward and propped his chin on Jason’s chest.

“No, but long enough to stumble out and put on some coffee.”

Daniel smiled his appreciation, then set to the matter on his mind.  “So you came back here to snooze or think long thoughts?”

“Long thoughts,” Jason said as he reached over and lazily began to stroke Daniel’s hair.  He looked back at the ceiling, chewing at his lip.  “Was thinking about your proposal.”

A little worry entered Daniel’s mind.  “Second thoughts?”

“No,” Jason drawled, then turned on his side to face him.  “Just gauging how much selfish time I’ll have you to myself before Jack enters the picture.”

Daniel stared back at him and sighed.  “Guess it was a little too much to ask, wasn’t it?”

“I thought about why you’d consider an arrangement like that.  I get it.  You love two people.  If they’re willing, that … what’d you call it?”

“Polyamorous relationship.”

“Yeah, that.  If they’re willing, then a threesome makes sense.”

Daniel snorted.  “You make it sound like a kinky night, not a relationship.”  Jason laughed.  “It does.  Polyamorous is more accurate, if not descriptive.”

Jason sighed and threaded his fingers through Daniel’s hair.  “It won’t really matter if Jack rejects the idea.”

Daniel gave him a steely expression.  “Frankly, Jason, if he wants to be with me, he’ll have to accept it.  I’m not leaving you for him.  And he’ll have to accept you.”

Jason blinked.  “Holy shit.  You’re right.”  He stared hard at him.  “And … holy shit.  That would still be the case if …”  He shook his head.  “No, never mind.”

“What?” Daniel asked.

“If it had been the two of you instead, and I came into the picture.”  He shook his head.  “Wouldn’t have happened.”

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“Nothing.  Jack expecting … but not … all because I’m with you.  He’s got a lot of balls, Daniel.”

“What were you thinking before?” Daniel asked, frowning.  “Come on, Jace.  Out with it.”

Jason sighed.  “I wouldn’t have asked if he’d been first.  I just wouldn’t have.  And you wouldn’t have because you’d never have known how I felt.  A threesome … poly … wouldn’t even have occurred to me.”

Daniel had risen up to stare at him and he now collapsed on the pillow.  “Damn, Jason.”

Jason gave him a pained smile.  “It’s the truth.”

“I know it is.  But still.  That … that’s … Damn.”  He pulled Jason into his arms.  “I love you.  I always have, even if I didn’t recognize that it could’ve been more.  We could’ve been more.”  He snuggled and kissed him.  “I’m really glad you came to me.  First.”

Jason nodded, but not just because he agreed with him.  He did it automatically, even though he believed that despite Daniel’s best intentions and his love for him, it would only be a matter of time before Daniel let him go and chose Jack.  Letting nothing about his thoughts show, he stared into those expressive blue eyes and sighed with contentment, thinking that this time with Daniel was a lucky time.  When would they again have the chance to do what they wanted for five days and not have to go on leave?

Daniel studied him and a slow grin formed on his lips, eyes crinkling.  “What?”

Jason stretched himself, leaning into Daniel as he did it.  “Just thinking about this time we have right now and how ironic it is.  I’d love to be able to just lay here all day…”

Daniel grinned.  “But?”

Jason pulled away from him then, groaning as he looked down at him before rolling out of bed.  “ButI have things to do and you have things to do.”

“It’s a good thing,” Daniel answered as he too got out of bed, although he wasn’t too sure he believed that.  “I think.”  He was getting to know Jason a lot more in the last few days than he had in three years.  True, it was different because they were intimate now, but still, he was learning about all of Jason’s personal habits and quirks and he liked that.  A lot.

Jason smirked at him as he crossed into the bathroom to take a leak.  “You’re probably right.  If we stick together all the time, we might just get sick of each other.”

“Not possible,” Daniel said, waiting for Jason to finish.  After Jason was through, he took his turn, then turned on the shower.

“How’re you doing?” Jason suddenly asked.  “After the nightmare.”

Daniel lost his smile, but he gave him a reassuring look.  “I’m okay.” As he grabbed his toothbrush and paste, he leaned in and kissed Jason lightly.  “Thanks for my nightmare fix.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“You were there.”

“Oh.  Well, you’re welcome,” Jason murmured into his ear as he went to the door.  “I’m always open for nightmare fixes.”

“And other things,” Daniel grinned.

“Ah huh.  Lemme know when you’re done and try not to use all the hot water.”

“Why don’t you just join me instead?”

Jason shook his head.  “You need a bigger bathtub or a walk-in shower, Daniel.  Besides, I’m gonna take this time to go call Lysa.”

“Tell her I said ‘hi’,” Daniel answered, as he began to brush his teeth.


. .


Daniel poured the milk over his cereal as Jason walked in, dressed.  Daniel couldn’t help but wonder just what the hell it was that drew him to the man, especially when he was clothed.  It made no sense, that latter part, since he always wanted to take those clothes off.  Maybe that was the sole reason, the kink of undressing.  He snorted at himself and Jason looked up from fixing his cup of coffee.


“I was mentally undressing you and started wondering if doing that was a kink.”

“What?” Jason laughed.

“Well, I love seeing you with your clothes on, mainly so I can have the chance to take them off.”

Jason took a few steps to the side and leaned over to kiss him.  “You’ll have that chance later,” he winked.  “What’re your plans while I’m at the hospital?”

“Planting shrubbery.”

“Planting shrubbery?”

“Yeah, those plants in bags I have outside.  Gotta get those in the ground and I told the landscaper I’d do it.”

Jason raised an interested brow.  “You want some help?”

Daniel smiled at him appreciatively.  “No, I can handle it.”

Jason shrugged and leaned in again, this time more provocatively.  “Okay, but I’d love nothing better than to get down and dirty with you.” When Daniel laughed, he asked, “What?”

Daniel went to the French doors and opened them onto the back patio and the sprawling back yard beyond.  The morning sunlight was trying to spread itself across the lawn so there was still a lot of dew left.  Jason noticed that though the property was surrounded by trees, one could just barely make out the neighbors’ houses on either side.

“Hmmm.  Privacy problem.”

Daniel grinned back.  “I need a fence.”

Jason’s phone rang at that moment.

“Lysa?” Daniel asked, and Jason nodded as he went back inside to get it.  Daniel returned to the kitchen and got his cereal from the microwave, added some sugar, and sat down at the table.  Jason hung up his phone and returned.  “She okay?” Daniel asked.

Jason jogged his brows.  “Depends on who you ask.  That was Derwood.  She’s had the baby, a boy.  I’m gonna go pop over, then grab some stuff at my apartment.” He took Daniel’s hand and pulled him to his feet.  “I’d like to bring back some extra things back with me, for the weekend.  That okay?”

Daniel gave him a smile that was almost tinged with a blush.  He couldn’t help it, thinking that Jason would have some of his things there.  “More than okay,” he said, wrapping his arms around Jason’s neck.  “In my opinion, leaving personal things definitely means there’s commitment going on.”

“Commitment,” Jason whispered teasingly, then was startled slightly when Daniel grabbed the back of his head and kissed him deeply.

All Jason wanted to do at that moment was dive in and stay there.  He broke off, groaning as he licked his lips.  “Won’t be but a few hours, four max.” He added a mischievous grin.  “Then I’ll help you finish your planting.”


. . .


The day turned out quite warm; a perfect day for spending time in the shade and damp soil.  Daniel had ten bushes to plant and so he got started, taking his time, letting the simple act calm his mind and spirit.  It was something he desperately needed, what with that goddamn nightmare.  The planting was so calming in fact that time and work went swiftly.  By mid-afternoon, eight of the plantings were finished; the five in front of the house were done and with the three in back finished, he had only the two left.

He could feel the grit from dirt and sweat and paused, taking off his shirt and wiping down his face and throat.  He balled it up and tossed it at the patio deck and grabbed the shovel to make holes for the last two plants edging the house.  Getting down on his knees, he worked the fertilizer and soil, planting each shrub into their place.  Grabbing the hose nearby, he gently misted the soil first.  The work itself was peaceful and he thought of nothing but the shrubs, the lightly acrid smell of the new soil.  The sun was well into the back yard now, but he was bathed in shade and it helped cool him, making it all the more peaceful.

Over on the side of the house, Jason stood, hands stuffed in the pockets.  He held a smile, watching Daniel.  His lover was covered with sweat, water spray, and dirt.  Jason wished there was a fence to hide what he wanted to do.  The thought made him grin more.

Daniel finally caught movement to his right and when he looked over, he found Jason coming toward him, wearing black shorts, sandals, and a barely-there red tank top.  The latter showed off his muscular upper body particularly well and suddenly all Daniel wanted was to get him dirty.  He smiled at him, wiping off his hands.

“Hey stranger.”

“Hey yourself,” Jason said, dropping to his knees beside him.

“How’s Lysa?”

“Good.” Jason saw the work Daniel had done and threw him a look.  “Thought I was going to help?”

Daniel bit his lips together, withholding a large smile.  “I left my iced tea in the house,” he hinted.  “Could you grab it for me?”

Jason gave him a dirty look as he turned away, heading for the back doors.  “So that’s your version of help, is it?”

Daniel didn’t rise to that.  “There’s plenty, unless you want a beer.”

Jason snorted and opened the back doors.  “Tea sounds good, actually,” he said, disappearing into the house.

Daniel stood up and brushed himself off, then began to water the shrubs more thoroughly.  A few minutes later, Jason appeared, glass in each hand, and offered Daniel his.  “Thanks,” Daniel sighed with appreciation and drank half the contents.

“Welcome,” Jason answered, watching him tilt his head back and drink.  The sweat running down his throat gave him lovely images.  “So what’s next on your agenda, besides watering the plants?”

Daniel got an idea.  A horribly, wicked, wonderful idea.  He pretended to think about the answer to Jason’s question while he watered the plants and sipped at his iced tea.  Releasing the trigger on the hose, he backed up a step and turned, aiming the spray nozzle at Jason’s chest.  “I do believe you’re next.”

Jason held out his free hand and backed up several steps.  “Oh no you don’t, Daniel.”

“Oh yes I do,” Daniel said and squeezed the trigger.  The wide-angle medium spray nailed him everywhere, including into his tea.  Chuckling evilly as Jason turned away to hide his face, Daniel aimed at his back and ass, soaking him completely, then stopped for a moment to admire his work.  Jason was giving him a very nasty, very dangerous look and it sent chills of desire through him.

Jason wiped his face, then set his iced tea on the patio.  “You really should know better,” he said, threading his hands through his wet hair.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Daniel teased back, but he did, and to show it, he set his glass down in the grass by the shrubs.  All the while, he kept the nozzle trained on Jason, but he knew it didn’t matter.  And to prove him correct, Jason started walking toward him.

“Your turn,” he said, then lunged at him.

Daniel dodged away from him, spraying Jason all the while, but he was quickly tackled and laughed loudly when Jason grabbed the nozzle and turned it on him, spraying his face, chest, and belly.  “Jason!” he objected, but he didn’t really care.  They were a pile of wet limbs on the grass.  It was fun, and the best laugh he’d had in a very long while.

Jason shut off the nozzle and tossed the hose to the side as he gave Daniel a thorough look-over.  When his hair and eyelashes were wet, they always seemed to accentuate his face and the color of his eyes.  Then there were those tantalizing drops of water on his lips, and Jason lowered his head, wanting so much to risk being seen.

“Jason,” Daniel warned, but he understood him perfectly.  Jason looked good wet, especially with his black hair nearly hanging in his eyes.  He suddenly wondered what he’d look like with long hair and he reached up and pulled on a lock and tugged, making it reach a little further.

Amused, Jason looked upward, then back down at Daniel.  “What’re you doing?”

“Just wondering what you’d look like with long hair.”

Jason snorted softly.  “If I ever find a picture of me as a teenager, I’ll show you.”

Leaping on the moment to tease, Daniel said, “Mmmm, you as a teen…”

Jason almost kissed him then; the urge was so powerful that he had to bite his lips together and close his eyes.  Typically, Daniel was of no help.

Daniel grinned shamelessly.  How often was he going to get this chance to tease mercilessly under the threat of exposure?  There really wasn’t much of a risk here, unless people were stalking through the sparse blanket of trees between houses.  But at work, there was only one place they could risk play, given that the cameras in his office were disabled.  But would Jason dare… outside of the showers, of course.  Looking at him, trying not to expose them both, Daniel had a thought that he’d never admit to Jason: he looked adorable when protecting them both.  “What’s the matter?”

Jason opened his eyes and stared down at him and the urge to do more than kiss was becoming just as intense.  “I want you so bad right now.”

“Me, too, trust me,” Daniel replied in a whisper, then leaned up slightly only his elbows, eyes on Jason’s lips.  “Give in.”

Jason’s eyes widened as he quickly looked around, then pushed Daniel away with a displeased growl.  “Asshole.”

Daniel stared back at him, then reached out and sneakily slid a finger up Jason’s inner thigh.  Jason grabbed his offending hand and gave him a punishing look.  “Goddamn you.”

“How about we get out of these wet things and into a hot shower?”

“Deal,” Jason said as he rolled over and got to his feet.

Daniel pushed off the ground and shut off the water, winding up the hose in the process.  He watched Jason head for the back doors, staring at his ass.  “I’m not sure any washing will get done though.”

Jason smiled over his shoulder as he paused at the kitchen doors.  “We’ll see.” Looking down and plucking at his wet shirt and shorts, he added, “I’m gonna get water everywhere.”

Daniel hung up the hose just inside the small shed and headed for the house.  “So will I.  Don’t worry about it.” Inside, he gestured for Jason to step in, then shut the doors.  With a deliberately provocative smile, he opened his shorts and pushed them off along with his briefs.

Jason raised a brow but didn’t hesitate as he copied them.  Holding up the wet bundle, he asked, “Washer free?”

“I forget, so let’s go see.”

Jason followed him down the hall to the last room on the left.  Inside, Daniel lifted the washer lid and found the tub empty.  He dumped his clothes in and held out a hand for Jason’s, then dumped those in, too.  He picked up the liquid detergent and jumped when Jason pressed up against him.  He was both hot and cold and the differences were tantalizing.  “Parts of you are hot,” he smirked.

“Well, your ass is cold,” Jason shot back as he wrapped his arms around him and squeezed.

Daniel set the washer and turned it on, then turned around and wrapped his arms around Jason’s neck.  “Is your mouth cold, too?” he asked as he pulled him in for a kiss.  With his free hand, he grabbed his ass and pulled him in.

Jason moaned, cock stiffening further from the feeling of Daniel’s dick pressing against his own.

“I want you in here,” Daniel whispered behind his ear, then placed his hands on his arms and pushed Jason backward, guiding him toward the pile of sheets and blankets.  “Right here.”

Jason smiled.  “Sounds good to me,” he said and laughed when Daniel pushed him down.  Jason wriggled his ass against the sheets, getting comfortable, but before he could do anything else, Daniel was kissing him fiercely while his hands hungrily caressed his body.

Jason returned the caresses as he opened his legs and thrust upward, rubbing fervently.  “Yes, more, on fire here,” he panted, then clamped his hands over Daniel’s ass.

“Me, too,” Daniel agreed and kissed him again as he reached unerringly between Jason’s legs, probing and teasing.

Jason moaned loudly into his mouth as he spread wider, inviting more.  His lover’s tangy, sweet scent from working in the soil was driving him mad with want and need and his mouth and hands were increasing that times ten.  Reaching between, he grabbed Daniel’s cock and stroked.  “So hot,” he gasped when Daniel broke off their kiss.

“I want you,” Daniel whispered harshly as he moved his mouth over his jaw and down his wet throat, licking and biting.  Further along, he found his nipples, sucking and pulling the nubs with his teeth.

Jason gasped and brought his hands up to comb through Daniel’s wet hair, wincing with pleasure when Daniel nipped a little too hard.  He panted with excitement and let out another gasp as Daniel grazed along the damp line of dark hair just past his navel.  Daniel wrapped his fingers around his cock but moved his lips past to tease his inner thighs instead.  When he sucked his balls into his mouth, gently working them wet, Jason writhed under his caresses, fingers tightening in his hair.  When Daniel finally put his mouth on his cock, he closed his eyes and dropped his head back, moaning with every turn of his tongue.

“Like that?” Daniel asked, words soft and muffled.

“Stupid question,” Jason replied, spreading his legs further and raising his knees.

“I thought I’d check,” Daniel said, chuckling when Jason groaned and tightened his fingers.  Licking his finger and coating it with spit, he rubbed the tight, wrinkled opening before pushing inside.  Between his mouth on his cock and his finger inside his ass, it didn’t take long before Jason’s pre-cum was sharing his spit.  With one long suck, he dropped Jason’s cock from his mouth and pushed up over him, staring down.  “Turn over.”

The look in his eyes sent a charge through Jason, an ache he needed soothed.  He kissed Daniel hard, then let him go with a gasp and turned over, biting his lip through a smile when Daniel laid over him and began rubbing his hard dick between the cheeks of his ass.

“Is it time for more rough play?” Daniel whispered into his ear.

“Yes,” Jason answered, adding, “And dirty, too.  As if we were still outside.”

“Fucking in the damp earth,” Daniel whispered, teasing him with his fingers before pulling out and taking hold of his cock.  “Like this,” he said, then pushed into him just a bit.  He grabbed his hands, remembering that Jason liked bondage, and held them down as he thrust and fully slid into his body.

Jason closed his eyes and gasped, “God, that feels good!”

“Yes,” Daniel agreed.  Adjusting his angle, he let himself go and began to pump into him with rapid, hard strokes.

Jason dropped his forehead into the sheet, burrowing as he squirmed.  “Oh fuck, yes, Daniel.  Give it to me.”  His muscles rippled across his back as he strained to meet Daniel’s pistoning hips.  He started to reach underneath to stroke himself, but Daniel wouldn’t let go of his hands.

“You’re mine,” he said, and when Jason groaned, he quickened his pace but he needed to be deeper, needed more force.  He abruptly let go of Jason’s wrists and pushed to his knees, then spread them wide, forcing Jason’s legs further apart.  “Mine,” he said, and grabbed his hips as he pounded his ass.

“Yes!” Jason said, straining, and suddenly he began to shake and grunt.  “Oh god.  Oh god.”  It was so good, getting pounded like this.  His balls were being hit slightly, but more than that, they were swinging along with his cock and he white-knuckled the sheets and yelled, “Fuck me!”  He panted, aroused by the strength of Daniel’s fingers bruising his hips, and suddenly Daniel shoved at his back, forcing him into the sheets while his ass remained raised.  When Daniel grabbed hold of his shoulders for leverage and slammed into him, Jason’s pleasure skyrocketed.

“Oh god, that’s good!” Daniel growled as he continued to fuck Jason extremely hard and rough.  “So goddamn good!”

Hearing his words, Jason lost it.  “Fuck me, you bastard!” he screamed as his orgasm hit.  But Daniel kept going and it heightened his climax.  Super sensitive, he tried to squirm, but Daniel wouldn’t let him go, wouldn’t stop hammering into him.  “Bitch, come in me!”

The sound of his words combined with the spasms around his cock pushed Daniel over the edge.  “Fuck yes!” he gasped, thrusting uncontrollably even as he fell over Jason’s back.  He wrapped his arms around him, holding him tight as he humped against his ass, spilling inside him.  “Oh god, I love you.”

When his body began to calm, and his dick softened, Daniel pulled out and rolled onto his side.  Jason remained on his stomach, eyes closed.  Daniel smiled and leaned over, kissing what part of his mouth he could get at.  He licked his lips, liking the salt of his sweat.  Jason wasn’t moving.  He was, however, panting up a storm.  “Did you like that?” he grinned.

For the first time in a very long time, Jason had gotten exhausted from fucking.  His orgasm had hit him like a sun going nova and had been so intense that when he could finally talk, he could only whisper, grabbing hold of Daniel and embracing him.  “What did you say?”

Daniel smiled and kissed him.  “Did you enjoy that?”

Jason groaned, his eyes remaining closed as he languished in their post-coital haze.  “A stupid question.”

Daniel laughed softly and kissed along his lover’s face.  “Come on, sleeping beauty, let’s go wash up for real.”

“Give me a minute,” Jason mumbled.  “I need to find my legs.”



TBC in Visits 5

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